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By Jenna Van Son

Motherhood – it’s understood
And it’s what we celebrate today
It’s looked upon as something good
We each do fit in our own way.

We love and nurture, teach and raise
There are good times and there are bad.
Upon our children we lavish praise,
Our hearts break when they are sad.

For nine long months inside they grow
Beneath our very hearts
We’ve not seen them yet and still we know
That with them is where love starts.

You see there’s nothing that can compare
No, not one thing on this earth
To what it is a mother will share
With her babe upon his birth.

No man can equal or identify it,
Though he may try his very best,
Mother and child is a perfect fit
Oh yes, the pair is blessed.

For God determined years ago
This is a cross that we must bear
And as reward, wouldn’t you know
He gave us love to spare.

The pain, the waiting, the added girth
Are so very worth our while
For at the end of giving birth
Our gift is our lovely child.

Enjoy motherhood!

Jenna Van Son resides in Fontana, California (the Inland Empire) and is a member of Water of Life Community Church. The happy and doting mother recalls fondly her forays into motherhood and penned this poem for her sister who is expecting her first child. Jenna loves to write poetry, and is in the process of finding a home for various Christian manuscripts that she has written. You can write to Jenna care of the Letters page of this Magazine.
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