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Title: Vanished
Author: Ward Tanneberg
Publisher: Kregel Publications (October 25, 2004)
Genre: Christian Fiction
ISBN: 0825438500
Length: 672 Pages
Reviewer: Dian Moore

John Cain wants his daughter back. But no one knows where she is. In Without Warning, the first book in this series, Pastor John Cain and his daughter were touring the Holy Lands when they became separated. Cainís tour bus was hi-jacked by terrorists. Cain was able to stop part of the terroristís plan, but he is now in the States and the government isnít doing enough to get his daughter back.

Marwan Dosha, the terrorist Cain defeated in the first novel, is determined to win. His people have Cainís daughter. However, no trace of Jessica surfaces until two unlikely characters recognize the young girl. But until then, the search seems futile.

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Title: Firecracker Jones is on the Case
Author: Christopher Klim
Publisher: Hopewell Publications
Genre: Teen
ISBN: 0972690670
Length: 116 Pages
Reviewer: Dian Moore

Firecracker Jones is on the Case is a multi-level adventure book that explores friendship, mystery and the jungles of high school.

Our hero, Francis Jones, (he hates that name) known by everyone as Firecracker, or just plain F., is a freshman in high school, and heís funny and tells the story of how he solved the missing friend mystery.

F. was born on July 4, and you can guess where his nickname Firecracker comes from. He lives with his Mom, who is passionate about healthy eatingótofu and twigs being two of her favorites. F. has to also deal with being Attention Deficit Hearing Sensitive (ADHS), which translated, means he hears things most people donít hear, and noises can drive him nuts.

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Title: A Woman's Touch: The Fingerprints You Leave Behind
Author: Amy Nappa
Publisher: Howard Publishing Co., Inc., 2001.
Genre: Christian Women
ISBN: 1-58229-159-4.
Length: 198 pages.
Reviewer: Dian Moore

Amy Nappa writes with warmth and humor and draws women into her book while leaving her own enduring imprint on the reader's life. Nappa employs delightful, tongue-in-cheek scenarios to illustrate some of the main points, such as The Chocolate Touch and Naomi's Diary.

Nappa explores the many ways a woman's actions can leave marks on the lives of loved ones, friends, and strangers. She challenges women to recognize the permanent record of their own prints left behind through actions, words and touching. Are your prints leaving a bruise or are they lifting people to God's higher touch? Does your touch cause pain in someone's life or does it promote healing?

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