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Title: A Woman's Touch: The Fingerprints You Leave Behind
Author: Amy Nappa
Publisher: Howard Publishing Co., Inc., 2001.
Genre: Christian Women
ISBN: 1-58229-159-4.
Length: 198 pages.
Reviewer: Dian Moore

Amy Nappa writes with warmth and humor and draws women into her book while leaving her own enduring imprint on the reader's life. Nappa employs delightful, tongue-in-cheek scenarios to illustrate some of the main points, such as The Chocolate Touch and Naomi's Diary.

Nappa explores the many ways a woman's actions can leave marks on the lives of loved ones, friends, and strangers. She challenges women to recognize the permanent record of their own prints left behind through actions, words and touching. Are your prints leaving a bruise or are they lifting people to God's higher touch? Does your touch cause pain in someone's life or does it promote healing?

The book consists of ten chapters, each divided into short sections illustrating the different types of touches a woman may experience either through her own actions or the actions of others:

Your Fingerprints Are All Over the Place! – The Mark of a Woman's Touch
He Touched Me – God's Touch on Your Life
The Touch Treatment – Helping the Hurting
As Good as New – The Touch of Restoration
A Gentle Touch – The Soft Caress of God's Love
Home, Sweet Home – Touching Your Family
Won't You Be My Neighbor? – Touching Your Community
The Hands of God – Touching in and through Your Church
Touch and Go – Random Touches Both Near and Far
I'm Touched – Touching Your Own Heart

This book encourages women to discover their spiritual gifts and offers advice on how to find out what those gifts really are. Spiritual gifts, when used wisely, can oftentimes guide women to leave their very best fingerprints behind.

Included in A Woman's Touch are lists of activities which may inspire women of all ages to begin leaving lasting, encouraging fingerprints that leave hope in lives, such as: Mentoring, gift-wrapping, house-cleaning, even changing the oil for single mothers.

Throughout the book, readers are introduced to real-life women who have left, or who are leaving, permanent fingerprints of kindness in the lives of others. Nappa uses short vignettes of the lives of these women to illustrate her points.
Each chapter begins with a memorable quote and ends with a short prayer which is accompanied by an applicable bible verse to remember.

Nappa concludes with a section that reminds women to finally touch their own hearts.

This book is recommended for several uses: Women's Group Leaders, Young Women's Groups, a study guide for women and as a basis for a series of sermons directed at women. However, pastors should not hesitate to use A Woman's Touch when teaching men. Many of the principles involved can be applied to either sex.

A Woman's Touch is easily readable and appealing to women aged 16 and older, and would make a wonderful 16th birthday gift for all young women.

* * *

About the Author - Amy Nappa

AmyNappa is a best-selling, inspirational author, a popular speaker for women’s groups, and a co-creator of a free webzine for families (http://www.Nappaland.com).

A prolific writer, Nappa has coauthored several bestsellers, including 52 Fun Family Devotionals; An Introduction to Family Nights; Family Nights: Basic Christina Beliefs; and A Woman's Touch. She has also published hundreds of articles and columns in publications like Today's Christian Woman, ParentLife, HomeLife, Faithworks, Crosswalk.com, iBelieve.com, and CBNnow.org. She and her family live in Colorado.

(Biography from Howard Publishing)
Dian Moore is a freelance writer, editor and reviewer and the hands behind Hands for Hope, www.handsforhope.com. If you would like to write to Dian, you can do so via the Letters page of this magazine.
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