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From the Editor -
Violet Nesdoly
The Tree House
Featured Article
My Place
By Violet Nesdoly

Haley sat in bed staring into space, her sketchbook open beside her. Trying to draw the bird had brought it all back. Now the pictures in her head were ones she'd rather forget. Her face felt hot just thinking about it.

It had been gym class. Mr. Forbes had said they'd choose teams and play baseball.

"Denise," Clayton had called when she and Denise were the only ones not chosen.

Haley looked down. She was going to be the last one picked again.

"Who's left?" Larson asked.

Clayton's voice was teasing. "Haley!"

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The Sparrow and the Penny
By Andy Gilmer

Once upon a time, there was a little sparrow living in a thicket on a narrow road to Jerusalem. One day, as the little sparrow was feeding, a large crowd of people led by a man named Jesus came by. He was a man like no other the little sparrow had ever seen. He was mighty yet gentle, and the people listened intently to every word he spoke. The little sparrow perched in a tree over the road to do the same.

As Jesus passed under the little sparrow, he began to say, "Five sparrows are sold for two pennies..."

"Five sparrows for two pennies!" chirped the little sparrow. "This means I alone am worth almost half a penny!"

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Hearing God Speak

Balaam's Ass
By Annette C. Agnello

The donkey was close to tears
Why can't my master see
The fierce and mighty warrior
Standing over me?

Wings like a mighty eagle
A talon for a sword,
Master is supposed to be
A prophet for the Lord.

Though I was given words
Beyond my braying tongue
It took the opening of his eyes
To bring down this haughty one.

You can read all about Balaam and his talking donkey in Numbers 22:21-39

Annette Agnello lives in Windsor, VA. She has been writing since she was in High School. She is now the dreaded, substitute teacher, mainly in High Schools. Her interests vary but writing has always been the prevailing one.
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