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From the Editor -
Toni Smothers
Hearing God SpeakHeart to Heart
By Toni Smothers

Suppose that one day you could be Jesus. Jesus wakes up in your bed, digs through your stuff to pack your bag of books you’ll need for the day at school. You still have the same problems, your room is still a disaster, your schedule is still hectic and nothing else about your life changes. You dress in your clothes and mumble, "I’m not hungry," to your mom as you leave for school. Or would you stop to appreciate that breakfast and even hug your mom before you go? Jesus’ heart would be yours and he would live your life for one full day. Imagine…

Just for this one day, you live your life with Jesus’ heart instead of your own. His passions would become yours. His love would direct your behavior. What would it be like?

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Date Rape
By Sandi Graddy

The day that I really started to worry was the day I couldn’t get the top button of my jeans to stay closed.

"Yuck," my brother would whisper in my ear as he walked by – he’d caught me vomiting one morning and now he loved teasing me about it. I could only imagine what he would say if he knew that morning was only the first of many. It just didn’t make any sense…

Maybe if I’d been the promiscuous type, this could be possible. But, I didn’t do things like that. Yet, a foggy memory came flooding back and I thought it was going to make me sick all over again.

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Hearing God Speak
Spread Joy!
By Toni Smothers

Delight in God’s way – Rest serene and safe,

Simply spread out your joy to all –

Open your heart as His love He imparts,

Be changed – Then rejoice in His plan.

But for your smile, that has warmed for a while,

And the gift of your heart graced with love,

The day would unfold, both bitter and cold,

The world’s snares would steal peace away.

So, watch for the chance – Love’s wings want to dance.

Give flight to the joy you have found.

Behold! Though your life was once small and weak,

You’ve spread joy through the world this day!

Toni Smothers is a child of God, wife, mom, grandmother, writer and lay-speaker. She has had serious exposure to the rougher side of life and from that experience has been left with a heart full of love for others who struggle with learning about our beautiful Savior. Through her writing, Toni delights in helping young people especially, who are seeking to find a true, intimate relationship with their Heavenly Father. You can write to Toni through the Your Letters page of this magazine.
If you would like to accept God’s free offer of salvation, pray this simple prayer and by faith invite Him to fill you with His Spirit:

Dear Father, I need you. I confess that I have sinned against you by living my life as if I actually knew what I was doing. I have made many bad decisions and done many things I am ashamed of. I thank you for forgiving my sins through the blood of your precious son Jesus Christ who died on the cross for me. I now invite Jesus to take His rightful place in my heart as ruler of my life. Fill me with the Holy Spirit. I believe that you love me just as I am and I ask you to teach me how to love you back. Create in me a clean heart as you show me how to live each day for You.