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From the Editor -
John Hunt
A Merry Heart
Featured Article
Clean Springing
By John Hunt

When you come right down to it, only two types of people dwell on this earth those who like to clean, and normal people. While I, myself, would never claim to belong in the latter group, I definitely dont fit in the former.

The first time my wife ever proclaimed it time for spring cleaning, the concept completely and blissfully eluded me. The idea sounded benign enough. After all, how long could it take to clean a spring? And really, our house had only two springs the garage door torsion spring, and our mattress box spring, both of which (Ive been told) are maintenance free. Yes, I found my loophole; I would have time to clean this spring whatever it was and still hit the links. It turns out, however, my wife was thinking outside the box spring. I stood in bewilderment as she stoically pronounced it time to clean out the garage.

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What Ive Learned from Shedding My Skin
By Joanne Malley

Im in my "happy place!"

Though nicely settled, Im not always this comfortable. I know that a quick escape from the skin Im in is sometimes essential. Fortunately, I can find a bit of hope in the "seven-year overhaul," courtesy of nature.

Renewed skin and minor physiological changes give us all another opportunity to embrace our uniqueness and make a fresh start. A slightly new person emerges from the process. Hopefully, its minus a few new wrinkles.

With that in mind, about three people ago I stared down the expanse of a large runway.

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Then and Now
Glenn A. Hascall

Whats up with todays fashions? I dont know whether to laugh or blush.

When I was growing up things were different. We were sensible, yet fashionable, levelheaded individuals with good taste.

Take for instance our footwear. I recall wearing red and white checkerboard canvas boat shoes. Now, [b]that[b] got you noticed especially when you danced or when your grandpa wanted to play checkers. What is that smell? King me!

And who could forget the popular rainbow colored moon boots? Good memories, especially when you stuffed the bottom of your jeans inside the boots warm feet, warm heart and huge footprints. Can you say Yetti?

Oh and glasses, they were a divine piece of eyewear. Forget subtlety, these bad boys were made of industrial strength plastic in a variety of bold colors and designs. They also covered at least one fourth of your face per lens. Not like today when youre not even sure if youre wearing glasses. They are so tiny and unobtrusive why wear them at all?

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