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MenLive a Legacy
By Dennis Tooley

My thirty-fifth birthday was a somewhat difficult milestone in my life. I began to realize that if the average age of a man is 70, then I was at half time and I needed to evaluate the first half of this game of life and develop a plan for the second half. I know, some of you think I watch too much football.

The reality is that I began to think hard about the "dash" of my life. You know that dash on the tombstone that goes between the year you were born and the year you die. I wanted to know if my "dash" had meant anything. I guess I found myself asking the question, "Has my life had any impact?"

In order to answer that question I had to stop thinking about what I did for a living and start thinking about what I was going to live for. I had to lock onto my purpose in life. You see, God has created us each with a purpose that He wants to see fulfilled. He has also equipped us with the talents, abilities and personalities to fulfill that purpose in our life. Too often we think we need to go on some mission to "find ourselves," while God is saying, "I have tried to make it as simple as possible." God is not playing "hide and go seek" with His purpose for your life.

Ask yourself, "What are my five best qualities? What am I really good at doing? What do I enjoy doing enough that I would do it for free (if I had to)?" Be brave and ask those closest to you to answer those questions. Then be man enough to listen without getting defensive or argumentative.

Then take a long look at the life you have lived. What are the "Defining Moments" of your life? Those moments where you were taught life values. Those moments when you found yourself saying, "Wow! This is living!" Those moments when you were crushed by the pain someone slapped you with. Those moments when you wanted to give up but somehow kept going. Those are the defining moments of your life that have given you the experience and wisdom that will help you know your purpose.

If you are going to live a legacy you need to lock onto your purpose, that purpose that God has created you for and wants to see lived out in your daily life. Identify your purpose then you can establish the core principles that will help guide you to fulfilling your purpose.

You have been created for greatness! Now lock on and live for greatness. Live your legacy today, tomorrow and every day of your life.
Dennis Tooley is the President of Potential Unlimited. He is a Motivational Speaker, Christian Comedian, Writer, Personal Success Coach, Husband and Father. For more information go to http://www.potentialunlimited4u.com
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