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ISSUE 9 - MAY 2005

" All you have made will praise you, O LORD; your saints will extol you. They will tell of the glory of your kingdom and speak of your might, so that all men may know of your mighty acts and the glorious splendor of your kingdom."

~ Psalm 145:10-12 NIV ~

Hello and welcome to the May Issue of FaithWriters' Magazine, and being May, we all want to say, "Happy Mother’s Day," to all the Mothers reading this month’s issue. I hope that your special day will be a blessed one in every way.

With Mother’s Day being the main celebration for the month, you’ll find lots of special "mother focused" messages throughout the various departments, such as A Woman’s World, Acting Up, Parent’s Survival Guide, The Joy of Family, We are the Church, and of course, ‘Tis the Season. Even I jumped on the Mother’s Day bandwagon with my column, "She’s the Singer of My Song" in A Breath of Fresh Air.

But of course there’s so much more in this month’s issue than just celebrating Mothers and Mother’s Day. May is also a time to remember Pentecost, and so this month’s Rhythm of Life is completely devoted to the Holy Spirit and His work in and through us. I think you’ll be blessed.

When I think of "motherhood," the word "selflessness" never seems far behind – and that’s the topic of both our front page featured articles this month. Although not about mothers, these two articles express selflessness in quite different and excellent ways. The simple act of selflessness in Mustard Brown Long Johns, by Karen Wells, warmed my heart. Then the straight forward truth that Douglas Laird brings from God’s Word in "And Deliver Us From Ourselves," gave me plenty to think about regarding my own actions and motives. These are two articles that are well worth reading.

This month Randy Chambers has stepped into his new role as editor for Take it to Heart, and has prepared a wonderful collection of inspirational and encouraging messages for his first issue for this department. Each one will definitely touch your heart.

Mustard Brown Long Johns
By Karen Wells

Her eyes had a peculiar apologetic look about them. She was smiling, true. But there was no question in my mind as to her genuineness; not even a skerrick of sarcasm or jest was present.

Teri was the leader of a women’s group that met for prayer and mutual encouragement. This particular meeting was devoted to hearing about my intended move to Kazakhstan, Central Asia, and we had finished and were standing on the front lawn chatting before I took my leave. Once the others had gone, she handed me a grocery bag that had been recycled more than once-too-many times, and said, "Karen, this has a story to it I think you would want to know."

I focused intently on her face, curiosity aroused, and pressed the bag against my body. I sensed that whatever it held, it was going to be precious to me. You get that feeing every once in a while and I just knew this was going to be one of those rare times.

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And Deliver Us From Ourselves…
By Douglas Laird

In order to become selfless, we must first have a clear understanding of what self is and what motivates it.

The promotion of self has been the root of spiritual conflict before the creation of the human race. Satan expressed the classic example of self-promotion (Isaiah 14:13-14) that led to a prehistoric angelic revolt.

The present world environment does not speak of Satan’s success, but of his inability and failure to establish and maintain a productive kingdom independent of God.

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Linda Germain joins us this month as the new editor for our short story department, Heaven Bound. Linda is a natural story teller and her first contribution as editor reflects that. "Hope, with Gentle Persuasion" is one of those stories that has a gentle twist in the tail – something Linda is quite good at providing. While you’re there, make sure you read "A Teakettle Tale" by Glenn Hascall, and a rather special piece about a spiritual awakening, in Gary Sims’ story, "A Shepherd’s Tale." (Where better to find all these "tales" than in "Heaven Bound?")

May also sees the move of Corinne Smelker into her new role as editor for A Word in Season. Corinne couldn’t wait to dive into the challenge of this particular department, as she just loves to delve into God’s Word and bring out the truth. She’s jumped straight in with a challenging question for us all, "Why Do I Want the Anointing?" It’s a good mix of articles this month in A Word in Season – definitely food for thought.

Make sure you visit Golden Apples this month and take time to read Reflections in Counterpoint by Janis Hutchinson. This is a stunning piece of writing that caused tingles to run up and down my spine as it reached its finale – you’ll be uplifted and inspired! While you’re in this department, stop awhile and enjoy the wisdom in Darlene Hight’s "Everything a Teacher," and Mitzi Smith’s tribute to someone who was much more than a teacher, in "Thank You, Terrio." It’s an inspiring month in Golden Apples.

On a very serious note, if you are the parent of a teenager or pre-teen, then I really do encourage you to read and discuss with them the very sobering story by Sandi Graddy, "Date Rape," in Teen Truth. Sadly, this is something that is happening all too often in today’s society and is something that both parents and teenagers need to be aware of. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

This month marks the last appearance (at least for the time being) of Just Between Men – but it is finishing on a high note. It is an absolute pleasure to present two articles by William "Spanky" Bateman – father of eleven, veteran long distance hiker, author, speaker and mentor to youth in south Florida. William is preparing to hike more than 4,400 miles from Cape Gaspe', Canada to Key West, Florida, on behalf of fathers and the children who need them. He is an inspiration for that reason alone, but his stories from the trail are also inspiring. I hope that we’ll be able to include more from "Spanky" in the future (when he isn’t out on the trail.)

Also in Just Between Men this month, we have an outstanding message for men everywhere – Live a Legacy by Dennis Tooley. Men, this is a message you should not miss.

The Tree House is one of my favorite departments, with wonderful stories and information just perfect for children. It’s also an excellent resource for Sunday School teachers. This month is no exception! One particular story, "The Sparrow and the Penny" by Andy Gilmer, brought tears to my eyes – it was just so precious.

Well, I could go on and on. As always, there is a whole month of reading in FaithWriters’ Magazine and definitely something for everyone. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed preparing it for you.

As always, don’t forget that you can write to any of our authors, simply by visiting the Letters page in each issue – as they encourage you with their writing, you are able to encourage them in return. So if something has blessed you, please take a moment to send the author a message. You will honestly make their day!

Until next time, may God fill you to overflowing with every blessing!

Deb Porter