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From the Editor -
Gary Sims
As I Imitate Christ
Featured Article
Hearing God Speak As I Imitate Christ
By Gary Sims

"As I Imitate Christ" is a study on Godly leadership through example; leadership of leaders; being a mentor; and being a leader according to God's design. It is a prayer and a desire to be everything Christ would have us become and to recognize that all things are possible when we choose to follow the example of Christ in our lives.

"When we choose to follow the example of Christ in our livesÖ"

So does this mean that Christian discipleship and Christ-like living is a choice? When we find ourselves falling short of that image of Christ we hold in our hearts, who is to blame? Are there steps we can take to insure that we are living the life that God wants us to live? Are there ways to tell if our actions, deeds, words, and thoughts are having a positive impact on the kingdom of heaven and if we are actually leading others to Christ? Can we truly obtain a Christ-like life style?

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The Winepress of Obedience
By DeAnna Brooks

Some leaders are born, the knitting a part of Godís secret weaving within the womb. Others are birthed in the winepress of obedience.

When God first found Gideon he was a man of timidity assailed by the circumstances of life, surrounded by enemies, and filled with anxiety born of their presence. God came to a winepress not to find a man making wine, but to sit beneath a Terebinth tree until a man, threshing wheat in hiding, would listen to His voice.

I love how God loves us, for the LORD came, not in judgment, but in encouragement with a commission Gideon had never dreamed possible.

"The LORD is with you, you mighty man of valor!"

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Take to heart Such a Time as This...
By Thom Mollohan

As we turn the television news off or lay our newspaper aside, and lest we despair upon hearing or reading of the horrors characterizing our world today, let us pause and consider the great opportunity we are being given. How profound is the thought that you and I have been born for just "such a time as this!" Though we may initially be tempted to lament the chaos of our day and age, crying out over the moral confusion and fears that sit on the eaves of our lives like frightful gargoyles casting their shadows on our paths, letís remember the Great Plan which encircles us and the Great Planner Who has chosen us for "such a time as this."

"Such a time as this?" Yes! Like young, unassuming Esther in the Bible, picked from a simple, unassuming life as a contented "nobody", yet chosen out of all the rest of the young women to be queen, we may wonder why we are where we are in life. Faced with the extermination of her people, she reads the situation rightly and, as her cousin Mordecai explains, comes to understand her destiny: that she has been made queen "for such a time as this" (Esther 4:14 NIV).

A destiny has been appointed for her in spite of her background, her limitations, and her fears. Instead of running from it, she embraces it. In fact, knowing that standing up for what is right may grant her a death sentence, her resolve is hardened to the point that she does not look at what may happen to her if she does what is right, but what will happen to her people if she does not. She sends word to her cousin, "Ö I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. And if I perish, I perish." (Esther 4:16 NIV)

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