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From the Editor -
Linda Germain
Heaven Bound
Featured Story
HeavenHope, With a Gentle Persuasion
By Linda Germain

Maggie recognized the familiar cadence of Zebadiah Johnson as he walked down the hall in his well-made leather shoes. He was a beloved fixture here at the nursing home. Every person he encountered received a weather prediction. Not that any of the prognostications were current, but certainly they were entertaining.

Zeb’s age was a mystery. Curiously, he was a ward of the state. He had been found wandering and seemingly confused. With no identification, and no reason to put him in jail, the town was footing the bill for what was affectionately known in these parts as the "old folks’ hotel." He was called Zeb Johnson only because that was a name found in his Bible.

A deep but quiet voice said, "Morning Ma’am, it is 72 degrees and cloudy. The chance of rain is 30 percent."

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A Teakettle Tale
By Glenn A. Hascall

Others called her home furnishings antique – she just called them old. They served a purpose so she never could find a good reason to buy a lot of new things. Besides she had always abided by the time-honored principle, "If it ain't broke..."

Her kitchen nook was resplendent with midmorning sun as a kettle from a little remembered era sang out the news that it was time for tea.

A metal-hinged recipe box held a lifetime of mealtime memories. Scattered here and there were newspaper clippings describing the memorable moments of family and friends; marriages, birth announcements – funerals.

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HeavenA Shepherd's Tale
By Gary Sims

As the brightness of the new day's dawn filled his room, Josh turned his back to the window and pulled the covers tightly around his head. After working late the night before, he had planned to remain ensconced in his bed well beyond noon, but sleep had avoided him. With his eyes firmly shut and with a determination to keep the morning light at bay, Josh mulled over the previous night's events.

It simply had been another concert. He had been to many like it before. Working as a security guard for these special events that frequently came into town had garnered him some much-needed extra cash. At first he had been excited by the added fringe benefit of attending all these "free" programs, but the glitz and glamour had worn off quickly. The job had turned into a routine of ushering concertgoers to and from their seats.

"It was simply another concert." This thought repeatedly rolled through his head as sleep feigned and feinted beyond his grasp. "No, this one had been different."

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