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From the Editor -
Kenny Paul Clarkson
Through Their Eyes
Featured Article
Step of Faith
By Kenny Paul Clarkson

"Let my people go!"

The voice of Moses echoed through the chamber. It was a defiant tone; one Pharaoh had heard before. And as before, the king hesitated; but only for a moment.

Pharaoh stared beyond the gaze of the Hebrew leader. Eyes that once penetrated with authority, now betrayed shades of sorrow.

"Go," he whispered. "Take your cursed Habiru hoard to the wilderness and sacrifice to your god."

He paused. Then shouted, "Go!"

Moses said nothing. He merely bowed his head; then turned to leave. His brother Aaron followed close behind.

Word spread quickly through the community of mud huts and thatched roofs. Six hundred thousand descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob followed Moses to the city’s edge then, for days, trudged ‘cross the dusty desert sands toward the Promised Land.
By Wendy Albouy

That day started off like any other day but it would soon turn out to be extraordinary. I was in a peaceful sleep when suddenly I was awakened by the sweet voice of someone calling my mother's name with excitement. The soothing voice filtered in like fragrant perfume creating a very pleasant atmosphere. The very sound of it caused me to leap for joy.

I always knew that I had a destiny to fulfill, and yet my purpose on the earth would be far less powerful than that of my cousin. His mother was the one who just entered the room and her very presence not only stirred me but also filled my mother with the Holy Spirit. Mother had never had this type of reaction toward any other person. I could tell that mother was very pleased...

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It would be a six-week journey. Moses knew the terrain well. For forty years he lived in the hinterlands where he tended sheep; leaned the skills to lead the flock of God. Though unknown to him at the time, the six-week trek to the land flowing with milk and honey would stretch over another forty long years.

It was an imposing sight. A nation of slaves followed the eighty-year-old man who, in turn, was led through the darkness of night by a pillar of fire; a cloud by day. Nothing stood between their fate in Egypt and their home in Canaan but their sheer determination, a desire to be free and the massive Red Sea.

It was on the shores of that sea that Moses waited on the Lord. The pillar of fire loomed in its midst. The sign was apparent. They were not to return to Egypt and to circumvent the sea was impossible. It was simply too large. They would cross the waters. But how? Would God provide a great expanse to bridge the sea? Perhaps an armada of vessels would be sent, enough to carry them to safety.

To the east lay the expanse of the sea. To the west Moses’ followers could see the army of Pharaoh drawing ever closer. They complained. "Did you bring us here to die? Were there not enough graves in Egypt?"

Moses words were reassuring. "Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will shew to you to day: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for ever. The LORD shall fight for you."

At God’s command, he lifted his rod and stretched it over the sea. And with one step, Moses began the journey.

It was faith that moved the feet of Moses to the throne room of Pharaoh. It was faith that moved his feet toward the Red Sea. And it was faith that caused him to tread through a watery canyon on dry ground.

It was a step of a faith that would later compel the Apostle Peter to defy a raging storm and walk on the Sea of Galilee. It was faith that drove the Apostle Paul to take his first step to evangelize the world. With one step of faith Jesus began his journey to the cross.

By faith we take that fateful plunge to trust the work at Calvary. It begins with a single step. As Pharaoh perished in the receding sea, our past is also destroyed. Old things pass away; all things become new.
Kenny Paul Clarkson (Kenn Gividen in real life) is the author of The Prayer of Hannah. A father of two grown children, he and his wife, Donna, are the proud grandparents of three children. He owns a direct marketing firm in Columbus, Indiana. You can write to Kenn care of the Letters page of this Magazine.