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From the Editor -
Patricia Ouellette
Cyber Walk
Featured Article
An Insight Into Cyber Real Estate
By Patricia Ouellette

Looking for the right home, in the right location for your family is never an easy task. It is time consuming, often frustrating and more often than not overwhelming.

First you have to find the right Real Estate Agent; then research likely neighborhoods, making sure there are schools, shops and other necessities nearby. Then look at a number of homes within your price range until all the houses start to look the same.

One of the houses would be perfect, so you check out the neighbors to see if there are children close by who could be possible friends for your children. Check out the neighborhood watch group; research the crime rate of the area and local government services. Now this is just the tip of the iceberg.

You put in an offer on the house and banter back and forth until all parties are happy with the price.

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A Million Dollar Invention
By Lynne Gaunt

Do you remember your early days of using a computer? If you are under the age of 20, maybe you don’t. The rest of us do have some recollection of those times – they were exciting to be sure, but in all honesty, those days were probably also frustrating, scary, and humbling. You had this powerful machine in front of you, without a clue how to use it. You had big plans perhaps, but no idea how to get from point A to point B.

I have often thought that computers should come equipped with a bright red key on the keyboard labeled . A bleary-eyed User at the end of her rope need only press that key and help would arrive. Real help – not some canned, meaningless message from an animated character or standard response of "close everything and re-boot." I think that feature would be worth millions!

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Step-By-Step Tutorial: Windows Basics For The First Time User

Part 2:D – Maintaining Your Computer – Back Up

By Patricia Ouellette

Backing up your files would have to constitute as one of the most important procedures for every computer user. Computers are machines and are susceptible to break downs. In quite a few instances, when our computers break down, files can be lost or damaged. This is a major cause for stress at anytime. There is nothing worse than working on a project for months and then having your computer break down and your project lost or files corrupted. However, we can minimize that loss and stress by backing up regularly ready to restore or reinstall when needed.

Backing up your system will use up a lot of floppy disks (20+ floppy disks for small hard drives); therefore it is more economical to use CD R’s or CD RW’s if you have a CD burner. In most instances, because of the massive sizes of hard drives commonly used in computers today, it is a common practice to back up the major areas of the system rather than the complete system (such as "my documents" and "settings").

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Site of the Month

Christian Writers’ Market Guide – Sally Stuart

Sally Stuart’s Christian Writers’ Market Guide is a fantastic resource book for all Christian writers. Sally also has a wealth of information and links on her website. So if you are a writer looking for a market for your work, check out this awesome site. I would seriously suggest that you bookmark it for future reference. You can also purchase a copy of her latest Market Guide book from this site, as well as many other resources for writers. This is definitely a 5 star site.

Tip of the Month

Computers love a clean environment, but they also seem to attract more dust than anything else in your home. Cleaning your computer on the outside is just as important as cleaning it up on the inside with regular Defrags and Disk Cleanups.

Dust your computer with a lint free cloth; try not to use feather dusters, as they will disturb the dust only to have it resettle on the computer a minute later. Wiping your monitor with very lightly dampened cloth will remove all the specks and spots off the glass. Never use cleaning fluids on your monitor.

If you need to cover your computer, use cotton or muslin material covers. The plastic or synthetic covers you can buy commercially are good also, but if you live in a high humidity area they will tend to make your computer sweat and the moisture can cause some problems. Keyboards can be cleaned with an unused paintbrush or pastry brush to get all the grit out from between the keys. Turn your keyboard upside down and gently tap it to get all the dust and grit out.