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A Million Dollar Invention
By Lynne Gaunt

Do you remember your early days of using a computer? If you are under the age of 20, maybe you don’t. The rest of us do have some recollection of those times – they were exciting to be sure, but in all honesty, those days were probably also frustrating, scary, and humbling. You had this powerful machine in front of you, without a clue how to use it. You had big plans perhaps, but no idea how to get from point A to point B.

I have often thought that computers should come equipped with a bright red key on the keyboard labeled . A bleary-eyed User at the end of her rope need only press that key and help would arrive. Real help – not some canned, meaningless message from an animated character or standard response of "close everything and re-boot." I think that feature would be worth millions!

I could’ve used the key countless times – I remember the proud moment when I completed an article in a word processing program. I managed to save it and everything; the only thing left was to send it off attached to an e-mail. I was feeling pretty cocky that I’d gotten so far, but when the moment came to attach my document, I couldn’t remember what I called it, much less where in the world I saved it! Humbling all right.

Another time I received an e-mail from a local youth mentoring program – the sender was looking for information. I was feeling confident that day too and responded right away. I even felt clever enough to type in a humorous response. Clever, right! Later I learned that I didn’t just reply to the sender, I replied to the entire list of recipients as well – some 200 upstanding members of my community. Suddenly my irreverent response that seemed so witty earlier in the day was now totally inappropriate and downright embarrassing! Maybe an key would have saved the day – now that’s an invention that might be worth BILLIONS!

In our walk as Christians, and especially as new Christians, we can sometimes find ourselves in frustrating, scary and humbling circumstances as well. During those times we may look for a quick fix, a "push-button" answer, something to make everything right so we can get on with life.

New Christians and mature ones alike often find themselves wishing they could a piece of their lives – something they said, or didn’t say, maybe an uncaring response to someone in need. Wouldn’t it be nice to just that day and try all over again?

But our God doesn’t usually work that way. More often than not, it is that very frustrating, scary, or humbling experience that will help us to grow up in Christ Jesus. We can’t delete it or undo it; we have to go through it. But thankfully, we don’t have to go through it alone.

You know, thinking beyond my computer keyboard, maybe that bright red button isn’t a bad idea – I could use something like it as I face each new day with Jesus. Only instead of , I think I would label it .
Lynne lives in the beautiful but remote San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado, with her busy physician husband and two lovely teenaged daughters. Lynne is very active with the children's programs at her local church and she welcomes your prayers for success in reaching children with the love of Jesus. You may write to Lynne care of the Letters page of this magazine.
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