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From the Editor -
Darlene Hight
Golden Apples
Featured Article
MorningEverything a Teacher
By Darlene Hight

"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere."

(Chinese Proverb)

I have reached the conclusion during the course of my life that the possibilities for learning are absolutely infinite. Often parents believe that they are the teachers and their children are the students, and while this may be true, my children have taught me lessons that I couldn’t have learned otherwise.

I once learned to slow down from my youngest son as we watched an ant. Somehow, laying there on the sidewalk, a two-year-old watching an ant seemed more important than our "hurry up" trip to the corner store.

Lessons from nature, too, are limitless. In God’s Word are many examples of using nature to teach:...

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Reflections in Counterpoint
By Janis Hutchinson

The rigid legs of the wooden chair screeched against the bare classroom floor as Mrs. Waterbury, my high school piano teacher, shoved it out from behind her desk. She stood and stepped around in front, adjusting the coiled knot of smoky-gray hair that rested at the nape of her neck.

"Play middle C," she said.

It was my turn at the piano that day, and I dutifully plunked the key down. The harsh, twangy tone sounded from beneath the mahogany instrument’s half-opened lid.

"No," she said. "Play it, not murder it!" She rushed over, and slid onto the oblong bench beside me. I ducked my head, hiding my stricken look.

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MomsThank You, Terrio
By Mitzi Smith

Everything I know about music, I learned from Mrs. Opal Setaro. She made ‘my world’ a better place. She could tickle the ivories like a master pianist. Children in the Young Singers Choir would do anything for her. She never had children of her own, therefore her students were her children. She loved them with all of her heart. Her skill with first through sixth graders proved itself in the harmonizing sounds drifting from her classroom. Terrio, as I called her, was so much more than a piano and vocal teacher. I considered her more like a grandmother and, friend. She was one of the godliest ladies that I have ever known.

Terrio played piano for Gibson Memorial Methodist Church for fifty years and would not accept pay for her service. "I will not take one penny for my service to the Lord. This is what He gifted me to do," she would say. If a church tried to pay her, the earnings were given to the offering. "No one is going to take my blessing." Her faithfulness impacted me in my walk of faith. She was steadfast in her devotion and love of the Lord.

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