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The Eaglet
By Jan Ackerson

A lofty cliff-an eagle's nest-
The eaglet waits. Some day
He'll put his plumage to the test:
Mount up, and sail away.

Close to the edge he perches; now
He falters-flaps a wing-
Retreats to down-lined safety. How
His heart is trembling!

Teach me to soar-
Teach me to fly-
I want to cry out, and receive the wind's reply!
Help me rise up!
Help me take flight!
Upheld by currents, atmosphere and light.

My wings of faith grow stronger; still
I hesitate to leap.
So far away the earth! This hill
That shelters me-so steep!

How rapid is my bounding heart-
I tremble, poised to fly.
My future is God's work of art;
I trust-and grasp the sky.

Help me rise up-
Help me take wing-
Upheld by Your sure hand, inspiring:
Teach me to soar!
Teach me to fly!
And when I cry out-let me hear Your sweet reply.

Jan Ackerson has always loved words, but has only relatively recently begun writing, when she realized that the act of writing can also be an act of prayer. When her family went through a time of great trial, Jan found that committing her words to her Heavenly Father was a means of emotional healing. Jan enjoys being a wife, mother, mother-in-law, teacher, and owner of Bad Kitty. She is an assistant editor at FaithWriters' Magazine. You can contact Jan through the letters page of this magazine.

Shooting Goals
By Helen Murray

There's a horse in my backyard,
Most magnificent to regard,
Black his color, long his mane
Upon his shoulder tangling down.
Jet coat shines and muscles ripple
As he rears and prances danger.
He's a stallion, powerfully built.
His name is Anger.

There's another little pony,
Very lovable is this one.
Bright and sunny is her nature,
White and gold her bristling color
As everybody's favorite choice
She works the hard extended hours-
But overworked she has a voice!
She is Compassion.

Next the pinto comes for breakfast,
Trotting sweetly to the repast,
Tough and wiry, head tossed gaily,
Snorting, stamping, propping daily.
He's the one with his own mind,
Hard mouth, slow to understand
What is needed, tags behind,
He's called Willpower.

Can't leave out the lovely racer,
Chestnut and the red lights lace her!
Most eye-catching, charged and ready,
Whipping round upon a penny,
Found where other horses run,
She'll toss you off if she thinks she can.
Ever dancing in the sun.

There are many steeds at stable
In my backyard. I am able
To learn to manage every one
Under tuition of the Son.
Jealousy, Envy, Hope and Fear
Are some of the others that I hold dear.
Each has their place and each their task.
And each their sting.

For the rider who is highly skilled,
And has his mounts all daily drilled
Will play life's game of polo well.
His Coach will keep him 'on the ball.'
And every horse will become his friend,
Learn good manners, when to stretch,
When to pull and twist and send
The gospel ball to goal!

Helen Murray is allowing her writing to develop into poetry that presents the tenets of the gospel in a new way. Shooting goals is one example of her word picture poems. If you would like to write to Helen, you can do so through the letters page of this magazine.