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Magnified Contentment
By Joyce Nyanteh

Intriguingly brilliant--amazingly wonderful!
The thundering sound, of a glorious chorus!
A quiet unison of spirit and soul!
The joy of the Lord is one’s strength!!

Smiling, listening, lastingly rejoicing in quiet anticipation--
Loudness plunging your soul!
A quiet magnitude vibrating in your spirit!
Magnificent praise rising in the core of your being!

Wonderful is His name! Superb is His splendor!!
Grand is His presence! Succinct and precision are ‘His’ seasons for your life!
Hallelujah! One wants to scream!
Hosanna! One wants to shout!

The plunging of a united chorus rings the bells of greatness!!

Who is this majestic joy?
Who is this divine perfection?
A feeling of being loved blindingly and still exuding divine light!

One yearns to know--an aching of optimum grace!
Sweetness embraces your heart desire!
Love seethes your senses!
All is well, echoing in the soul!

He is the glorious Abba Father!
He wraps "Himself’ in vibrating thunder of warmth!
To be in His presence, is to be lost in divine rapture!

Shh--- Do not explain!
Only profess His ‘grandness’ by the magnitude of utter inner contentment--
The ultimate ‘quietude’ of an utter divine Hush!!

Being lost in His marvelous presence--
Is being found in limitless "contentment."
Your heart aches, yet it is superbly ‘content!"

Joyce Nyanteh is a 39-year-old single mother of an 8-year-old "man of God." Joyce lives in Seattle, Washington, and is a devout Christian and intercessor at her local church. An African by birth, Joyce grew up in London, England. She majored in Journalism, Marketing and Public Relations. Joyce is quick to say that her life is one that our glorious Abba Father has redeemed and is using to build up and encourage other broken vessels You may write to Joyce through the Letters page of this magazine.