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MomsFrom the Doctorís Diary--The Modern Day Crown
By Dr. Johnson Cherian M.D., PhD

You turn men back to dust, saying, "Return to dust, O sons of men." (Psalms 90:3 NIV)

For the past several nights I have been keeping watch over a man who is slowly passing away from this world. Any moment now he will be a person of the past.

About three months back he was hale and hearty, 73 going onto 74. Then suddenly one morning it happened: twitching of the right half of the face and difficulty in speaking.

I remember him calling me that morning and telling me his symptoms. I rushed him to the hospital and had him admitted for check-up and management.

The neurologist diagnosed it as a stroke, but the CT scan was inconclusive.

After my work in the clinic during the daytime, I kept him company in the hospital at night. He talked about his former days and their glory, with little talk of God.

He was discharged after five days and sent home for rest and recuperation.

A week later, the symptoms reappeared and we planned to get an advanced scan (MRI). I still remember the radiologist calling me that evening and giving me his radiological diagnosis--Glioma Grade 3 or 4 (a cancerous growth of the brain).

A stereotatic biopsy was decided on, and we immediately took him to the best hospital in the state. The patient had not experienced physical pain for years, and as a physician, I did not know what a stereotatic biopsy of the brain involved. The neurosurgeon informed us that the biopsy itself caused little pain but the fitting of the rim to the head to do the biopsy was quite painful.

I left him in the hands of capable doctors, and met him an hour later with the rim fitted to his skull.

What struck me immediately was the close resemblance that his head had to the head of Jesus with the crown of thorns. The rim was fitted on the head with nails driven into the front and back of the skull, with blood marks as evidence of the painful ordeal.

With tears streaming down his face, he shook his head and with a feeble voice asked, "Whatís this? The crown of thorns?"

I couldnít say much. My voice seemed to be temporarily caught unawares as he was wheeled to the scanning room. Once there, he was made to lie with his modern day crown in the scanning machine and spend another hour getting more scans before the biopsy.

A couple of days after the biopsy, he returned home .The biopsy confirmed the radiological diagnosis--advanced cancer of the left brain, in laymanís terms.

We took him to yet another hospital for yet another opinion from the best of neurosurgeons, but there seemed to be little hope in the words they spoke.

Surgery--out of question.

Radiation--basically no effect, but then we could at least say that we did something.

Chemotherapy--no use.

Back home again and on essential medication, his speech slurred often and his handwriting went awry. His focus now shifted to God and prayer. Though no one ever told him the final diagnosis, it was evident that he realized his time was running out.

He was now more alert to the spiritual aspect of his life. His daughter had been praying for several years for his salvation.

Soon, his right upper limb was just hanging limply by his shoulder.

One night, his daughter decided it was time to explain Romans 10:9, 10 and help him pray the sinnerís prayer with whatever speech was now left--and he did it, on that wonderful night a month back.

Before long, his right side was totally paralyzed and he started getting convulsions. He lapsed into a coma five days ago, and he is still breathing as I write this, waiting for Jesusí time to call him back.

What we are glad about is that God gave him time to get ready for eternity. Pain made him look to Jesus and his crown, pay attention to the Creator, and forget his own righteousness with which he had been living for the past several decades.

Often we wondered whether there would be a miraculous healing, for we and several others prayed earnestly for it over the past three months. Some who prayed said "yes," while others said "no."

The best about this man (my father-in-law) was said by Jesus one night to my wife (his daughter) as she prayed Ö "Your father will live and walk Ö in heaven soon!"

Praise the Lord!
Dr. Johnson Cherian M.D., PhD is a Doctor, Evangelist and Christian author from India, who has written several books which have been published. He has been doing Web Evangelism for the past five years and his main website is http://www.riverofgod.com. More details about the Author can be found at http://www.faithwriters.com/websites/my_website.php?id=9509