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Featured Article A Word In Season
Featured Article
Man Overboard! By Douglas Laird

Perhaps the classical example of someone starting over, that most of us can relate to, will be to be found in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 14. How many times have we stepped out in an act of faith, only to be defeated when the environment changes and we begin to panic and question our ability to finish the job? To what degree do we allow the failures of the past to interfere with the opportunities of the present? Such issues have to be addressed if we are to start over (and over) again.

In this passage, we find the disciples being sent out in a boat while the Lord Jesus Christ dismissed the crowd of thousands (vs. 21) that He miraculously fed with five loaves of bread and two fish (vs. 19). It is important to understand the proximity of time that was involved between this miracle and the incident that followed involving the disciples while out in the boat. No doubt, this miracle of the feeding was still in the minds of the disciples and perhaps contributed to Peter’s act of faith.

Several of the disciples, including Peter, were commercial fishermen and fully aware of the dangers in the open water and what a sudden change of weather could produce (Matthew 8:24).

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What is the Point of This Waste?
By Brian Thompson

A Lesson in Giving (Mary anoints the feet of Jesus at Bethany – Matthew 26:6-13)

This is one of those defining moments, on Tuesday evening of Passion Week, when the human and the divine perspective are at opposite ends of the spectrum. For Jesus this was an event of immense value. For everyone else it was an act totally without merit. And in the middle – as happens – the person whose actions found so little merit in the eyes of Christ’s followers, found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

But how could Jesus’ friends get it so wrong?

1) They measured by price, not by value.

They looked at what was so unreservedly thrown away and assessed its street value. At its practical usefulness, at what it could be turned into, what it could become. They never considered the immense weight of worth in the longing to give.

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By Joan Morrone

  Rivulets of perspiration rolled down into her eyes. Adrenaline coursed through her body as she picked up speed to pass her only opponent, so close to the finish line.

She just had to win. She had a lot to lose if she didn't and much more to gain when she won. In an Olympic race, or any kind of race, to win is what is most important to the contestant. Sometimes they don't care who they hurt in the process.

She had worked hard to get this far and, puffed up with pride, she envisioned the prizes, fame and fortune which were soon to be hers…

  This is the worldly way of looking at any contest whether it is for beauty, strength or brain. "Climbing the ladder to success" is the way it is described. If you have to push someone out of the way, that’s OK. Ladders aren't wide enough for two of you to make it to the top at the same time.

The rules are vague and made up as you go. Once you get there you are alone and you can't go any further. Then someone else will come along who is more beautiful, stronger or smarter than you. They won't hesitate to push you out of the way until you tumble down to the bottom, a broken hunk of flesh.

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