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From the Editor -
Diane Exner
A Woman's World
Featured Article
Delivering the True Meaning of Charity
By Diane Exner

You looked at me from there on the cross,
Looked deep in my heart that was so lost.
I could not bear it; I had to turn away,
The love You poured out, for me that day.

The things You said were oh, so true,
But how can I accept this love from You?
Iíve done many things that made you cry,
Still you love me, I donít know why.

Your hair is matted, your forehead torn,
Your side is bleeding, your back is worn.
How could You take this for all my sin?
I donít understand how Iím feeling within.

There is a struggle going on inside,
Do I follow my heart, or stand on my pride?
The crowd is cheering as You hang there in pain,
I see in your eyes, that You do not blame.

To give from Your heart not to receive,
To take all my sins, my fears relieved.
Will I ever know what it must have cost?
To give such love for a soul that was lost.

My head in my hands I fall to my knees,
I whisper, "Donít go; stay with me please."
I look once more to the cross above,
Youíre smiling at me, Your face full of love.

This is the picture that I see each time,
I eat of the bread and drink of the wine.
Dying on the cross for a soul like me,
Delivering the true meaning of charity.
Abuse Doesnít Happen in Christian Homes Ö Does It?
By Rosemary Ann Baptiste

I was raised in a stable, Christian family, with parents who set a wonderful example of how a marriage and home should be. I stayed in this loving environment until I left for Bible school.

After graduating Bible school, I stayed on as a staff member for another four years, before attending a candidate school with a mission organization. I wanted to do something with my life and wasnít going to wait around until I had a marriage partner Ė in fact, I believed that a romantic relationship would take the focus off my goal.

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Dying Daily for Loveís Sake
By Sandra Fischer

Poets, philosophers, saints and greeting card writers have all given us their definitions of love, but all their words and considerations pale before the one given us by the Author of love Himself: "This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers." (I John 3:16 NIV)

At first glance it appears that only by the physical act of dying can we show what real love is. And itís true that many have followed in Christís footsteps by giving their mortal bodies on behalf of others. Throughout history many Christians have died for their faith or to save others from death.

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MomsJust a Thought
By Diane Exner

"At the Foot of the Cross"

Whether I'm writing, or reflecting, I find it easier to visualize my subject matter to get my point across. As Easter approaches, I reflect on the events of that day and I picture myself at the foot of the cross. Actually I was thinking of a picture my mother-in-law, Janet, has on her kitchen wall. It's a small painting of the three crosses standing on a hill, silhouettes hanging on the crosses, and the Spirit in the form of a dove, in the clouds above. The writing says, "When I asked Jesus how much He loves me ... He opened his arms and died for me."

I wonder if we will ever fully understand that.

Jesus knew when he climbed up on that cross and took our sins for us, that He would have to give up being in His Father's presence for that period of time. You see, God cannot be in the presence of sin. So knowing that fact, Jesus would have gone to the cross knowing that he would be totally absent from His Father's presence for the first time in his life. To me, that proves how much He loves each one of us.

He gave up His heavenly throne, His Father's presence and all His power to pay the price for our sins, so we would not have to go through this pain and punishment. Dying on the cross for me ... now if that's not love, I don't know what is.

My Challenge to You Ö

Picture yourself somewhere in the midst of the Easter events. If you are having troubling seeing yourself at the cross, start by picturing yourself as one of the people already there.

Maybe Mary Magdalene, who was healed of many demons, and loved Jesus deeply. What do you think she was feeling as she watched Jesus hanging there?

What about his mother Mary? Even at the best of times, moms hurt when their children fall or are in pain. Can you imagine then, the agony she must have been feeling as Jesus' blood possibly dripped onto her hands?

If you need help visualizing, read the poem once again at the beginning of this section called, 'Delivering the True Meaning of Charity'.
Diane Exner is a published freelance Canadian writer, who takes every opportunity to use her talents to glorify God and to encourage others. You can contact Diane through her website at http://www.exner-express.com. Come climb aboard the ĎExner Expressí!