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Title: OBSESSED Author: Ted Dekker Genre: Fiction
ISBN Number: 0849943736
Reviewer: Dian Moore

Since the year 2000, author Ted Dekker has had eleven books published. An amazing accomplishment by itself, but currently, he also has all three of his Circle Trilogy books on the Christian Booksellers Association bestseller list.

No one can quite figure out what genre he’s writing in, though. Is it fiction, fantasy, science fiction, thriller, mystery, Christian fiction? He’s crossed genres in all of his books and perhaps that’s what makes his work so appealing.

OBSESSED is Dekker’s eleventh book, which combines mystery with a huge dose of suspense; historical fiction with compelling characters; and a quiet introduction to the true power and meaning of love. OBSESSED has something for everyone.

It begins in 1973 with young real-estate broker, Stephen Friedman, whose mother disappeared after the Holocaust. He’s a brilliant moneymaker, living a quiet lifestyle and seems content—until a phone call propels him into a madcap race to discover a treasure, his past, and possibly the love of his life.

OBSESSED takes the reader on a journey into two eras with alternating storylines. In 1973, Stephen’s quest to discover the truth of his past and recover a treasure pits him against villain Roth Braun, the offspring of Gerhard Braun, an SS Officer during the Holocaust.

Scenes from 1944-45 at the work camp Torun (Thorn), in Germany (now Poland) tell the stories of Stephen’s mother, Martha, and her friend, Ruth as they struggle to survive and keep their children alive while under the evil power of Gerhard Braun. Both women are pregnant, a condition that puts them in peril.

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Title: BARTHPENN@HEAVEN.ORG Author: Kevin Scott Collier Genre: Juvenile Fiction
ISBN: 0975288024
Reviewer: Dian Moore

Ten-year old Jordan Mink accidentally receives an email from Bartholomew Pennington (Bart), an Angel who lives on Cloud 9. Jordan writes back, and Bart is in deep trouble for breaking the confidentiality of Heaven. To avoid exposure he agrees to correspond with Jordan, and the story unfolds, told entirely in emails.

I recommend that people of all ages read this small book with a big message. Better yet, all ages should read this book together, as a family, with friends, and in school. Yes, in a public school.

Without preaching, Collier has created a masterpiece of communication full of vivid details, which appear in the reader’s mind through short, web-ese emails.

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Author: Angelina Fast-Vlaar
Genre: Inspirational/Memoir
ISBN 1553060229
Reviewer: Dian Moore

Cancer. The word itself is ominous and strikes terror in our hearts. Today, it’s not uncommon for people in North America to know someone who has or had cancer, have it themselves, or had a family member suffer from it.

A diagnosis of cancer means many things to different people, but often it does not immediately conjure a feeling of hope.

In THE VALLEY OF CANCER: A JOURNEY OF COMFORT AND HOPE, author Angelina Fast-Vlaar has given to the world a gift of hope. It is her "prayer that this sharing of my journey may be a means of ‘calling back’ to you to encourage you, whatever your valley may hold."

The small volume documents the 17 months of Fast-Vlaar’s journey...

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Author: Carol J. Rottman, Ph. D.
Genre: Inspirational Writing How-To
ISBN: 1932902430
Reviewer: Dian Moore

WRITERS IN THE SPIRIT is a well-organized tool to both inspire and educate aspiring writers of all skill levels. Author Carol J. Rottman, Ph. D. has developed this book to encourage and teach Christian writers how to find the fullness of experience through our spiritual selves and translate that into words through all types of writing.

Rottman encourages writers to embrace life, learn from it, immerse themselves in it and then share that life through words put to paper.

Eleven chapters are divided into essays that further explore each facet of a writer’s life, both physical and spiritual; a writer’s prayer and tips, hints and advice; followed by a writing challenge.

WRITERS IN THE SPIRIT acts as a guide for the journey writers must take to fully realize their talent. Rottman has shone a light on the Christian writer’s path and that light can illuminate the works of art inside us all.

Throughout this unique book for writers are in-depth explorations of topics such as opening up God’s incarnational spirit, taking nourishment from God to provide fruit that will outlive the writer, and writing with fervor to overcome our self-imposed limits.

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