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From the Editor -
Violet Nesdoly
The Tree House
Featured Article
A Red River of Clean
By Violet Nesdoly

It is always moving. It carries food to every cell in your body. It also carries the hormones and other chemicals you need to survive. It helps your body keep warm or cool. It is like a medical clinic inside you, working to heal and repair any part that is injured or ill. Without it you would be dead in minutes.

Have you guessed what it is? Its your blood.

Another thing blood does for you is clean your body. If youve ever tried to scrub a stubborn blood stain out of clothes, you may find it hard to believe that blood can clean anything. But one of its main jobs is to help your body get rid of impurities.

Your blood helps clean out wastes made inside you. Blood flows through tubes called arteries to cells all through your body. It carries water, food and oxygen. The cells take the nourishment. They exchange it for waste. The dirty blood flows away through veins back to your heart and then to your lungs. In your lungs, the waste carbon dioxide leaves your body through your nose. At the same time your red blood cells pick up more oxygen for their next trip around the body.

Your blood also cleans outside invaders from inside you. Tiny bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites get into you through your nose, mouth or injured skin. White blood cells protect you from these killers. Though white cells make up only a tiny part of your blood (1%), you need them to live. Their main job is to recognize an invader, attach itself to it, swallow it and destroy it.

Some white cells also have a kind of memory. When they recognize a bacteria or virus that has been in your body before, they tell just the right white cells to make and release huge quantities of killer poison (antibodies). The enemy is quickly destroyed and the wastes of this war are carried in the blood to your kidneys. Your kidneys filter grunge from about 1800 liters of blood in a day.

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By Dennis Van Scoy

I have two doggies named Mindie and Max,
a black rabbit named Mosey too.
The doggies like toys, boxes and sacks,
but Mosey wants carrots to chew.
Mindie and Max are kind of small,
as far as most doggies go
and 'tho they are "minnies," Mosey is tall,
the "max" at most rabbit shows.
Mindie and Max and Mosey made friends
with a parakeet "Peetie" the bird,
he chirps and he flutters until the day's end
his songs most easily heard.
Mindie, Max, Mosey and Peetie
belong to our family,
We show them care and they give us love,
'cause that's what family should be.
So if you have doggies, kitties or pets
of sorts, wherever you live,
treat them most gently, you'll never regret
getting the love they will give.
Dennis Van Scoy and his wife Deb make their home in Red Oak, Iowa. They have nine adult children and twenty grandchildren. Denny is a retired police officer, now Christian poet and freelance writer.

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Hearing God SpeakDismal Daisy
By Jacky Hughes

In the garden the flowers grew. The gardener loved to walk there admiring all the wonderful colors. It seemed as if the whole place was full of the most wonderful fragrance and that each bloom was opened to thank heaven. Weeds, if they dared to appear, were pulled up by the roots and everything was kept in perfect order. Sometimes a plant would need some pruning but nothing got really out of hand. The gardener seemed to know just what to do with each one.

One day a daisy appeared in the flower bed. She was newly formed and she had a bright yellow middle with perfectly formed white petals around it. The gardener stopped and admired her. He was so pleased with her beauty that he clapped his hands with joy. "This one is special," he said.

The sun beat down and the flowers needed water. They were glad of the tender way the gardener poured water from his big green can. Those who had begun to wilt revived and returned to their former glory. Daisy was glad too. She was so small and delicate it was easy for her to fade away in the heat. How she loved being in the garden.

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Kids' Website of the Month

"Join the Fun!!" invites the home page of Clubhouse Magazine: http://www.clubhousemagazine.com/

There seems to be plenty of that going on over there. Besides lots of stories (modern, historical and Bible) theres a "Movie Review" section, a "Your Stuff" section with kids art and contests, "Recipes," "Crafts" and "Average Boy" with questions-and-answers, an email link so you can send questions of your own, and riddles at the bottom of each page.

Id like to check out the "Members Only" area, but Im scared they wont let me in too old. I bet theyd let you in though. Can someone who gets a peek inside please tell me about all the fun Im missing?