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From the Editor -
Dian Moore
'Tis the Season
Featured Article
March ĎTis the Season of our Savior
By Dian Moore

2005ís Easter Season has already started with Ash Wednesday on February 9, 2005, the first day of Lent, and it continues through to the fortieth day after Easter Sunday Ė Ascension Day. Around the world, different Christian denominations celebrate the season in many ways. Some donít recognize every custom while others immerse themselves in this special time of year.

Below is a brief refresher course on the different events of the Easter Season.

Lent lasts forty weekdays, beginning on Ash Wednesday and ending the Saturday before Easter. Originally, Lent was set aside as a period for those who wished to be baptized as a time of study and preparation. The hopeful believers were then baptized at the Easter Vigil, a celebration of Christís resurrection early on Easter Sunday. Members of the community of faith assisted in this preparation.

Ash Wednesday marks a solemn day of reflection on those parts of our lives which need changed in order to be a better follower of Christ.

Holy Week begins on Palm (or Passion) Sunday, which marks the triumphant entrance of Christ into Jerusalem to celebrate Passover. The week also includes Maundy Thursday and Good Friday and marks the last week of Lent, which occurs right before Easter Sunday. Many Christian churches use this time to commemorate and enact the sacrifice of Jesus through various activities. Observances during this week range from informal participation in a Christian version of the Passover Seder to daily, formal, liturgical services in the Church.

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A Rose, by Any Other NameÖ
By Linda Germain

As soon as the last "Happy New Year" is wished, I strain to catch a glimpse of any microscopic sign of spring. Finding seed catalogues in the mailbox sets my heart aflutter with anticipation.

Not that I would plant the beautiful offerings, but pictures of the dazzling yellow, red and lilac borders are a comfort in the midst of winter weariness. The delightful Petunias, Pansies and other floral house-dressings renew the hope of warm breezes. If Daffodils peek up through their little dirt beds, can Easter be far behind?

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One Glorious Sunrise
By Linda Ryzenga

Easter Morning in Florida has become a momentous occasion the last three years for my husband and me. The outcome of this glorious morning continually results in pure Christian joy for everyone involved.

At 5:30 on the morning of Easter, 2004, we stood on the wet, sandy beach by the oceanís edge; totally in the dark except for a few beams of light dancing here and there from the flashlights of various church members. Everyone involved was preparing for a very special event that morning.

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No Sin is too Great for the Lord to Welcome You
By Annette Agnello

(This song was inspired by a conversation between Peter and the Centurion in the book, "The Robe" by Lloyd C. Douglas)

The duty was hard,
Something no man wants to do.
First nails through the hands, He said,
"They know not what, they do."
To pass the time,
The lots were cast, I won the robe.

How quickly he died,
Unlike the other two.
No need to break bones,
The spear proved that was true
He'd told the thief,
"Today we'll be, in paradise."

In just a few days,
Rumors went through the town,
Tomb must have been robbed,
Their claims can't be true.
They say he's risen from the dead
For me and for you.

The years they passed,
I came back from Rome,
There I met his friend
The one called "the Fisherman"
Said he'd lied, then he asked
"What worse could be done?"
I'd crucified him.

Then Peter explained,
That was the Savior's plan
He died, to rise
Then draw men to him
No sin is too great
He wants us all to accept him

No sin is too great
For Christ the lamb
You've just to accept
Then glorify Him
No betrayal or denial
Will keep the Lord
From welcoming you.

Annette C. Agnello has been writing for 30 years She accepted the Lord in 1976. She has a passion for studying names of God and hopes to write a book on the topic someday. She currently live in Windsor, VA with her husband Mario.
The Lion Weeps Tonight
By Wendy Decker

During the month of March, we celebrate some very important occurrences. In the United States, spring begins on March 21. March may come "in like a Lion" and leave "like a Lamb." I think itís safe to say that most have heard that statement before. However, we all know thereís more to the season than just the weather.

When I think of a lion, I think of The King of the Jungle, which then reminds me of Jesus, The King of the Jews. "Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory." (1 Timothy 1:17 NIV)

But not all believed Jesus to be King.

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