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From the Editor -
Toni Smothers
Hearing God SpeakLive in the Light
By Toni Smothers

We live in a culture that puts cell phones in almost every teenís hip pocket or purse and computers in most of your bedrooms. The media bombards you with what to want, what to wear, what size to be and what is and is not cool. Decadence hides behind tolerance and many of you fall for its lure. Hormones rage, but pre-marital sex is sinful.

Are you kidding me?

Yes, I know that everyone you know is having sex Ė or at least they act like it. Yet, you know in your heart that abstinence is Godís way. Your skin suddenly looks like the surface of the moon and hipster jeans were not made for any normal body. But, they are cool, so you wear them anyway and just feel self-conscious all the time about the little pouch trying to roll over the top.

Although you can have freedom from sinís confusion and walk in the light, all that sometimes gets mixed up with what to wear, ...

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Who Pushes Your Buttons?
By Matthew Gabhart

If youíve ever played a video game, which I am sure you have, you know that in order to win a game you must be a master of the controller. The controller determines everything that happens on the screen. If the buttons arenít pushed on the controller, nothing will happen and the game will be lost. If the wrong buttons are pushed, the game will be lost. If the right buttons are pushed at just the right time, the enemy will be defeated, the race will be won, and victory will be achieved.

People spend hours and hours learning how to push the right buttons at the right time so that they can win a video game, but how many hours do people spend learning how to win the game of life?

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Hearing God SpeakWhere Eagles Soar
By DeAnna Brooks

Small in stature and achingly thin, Justin would never be deemed an athlete. He was always the last one chosen when sides were picked, if he was chosen at all. But his eyes sparkled with life, and his smile, so real, never waned. Life ever found him on the sidelines, cheering others on, with a laughter that was infectious.

At fifteen, my son, Justin, had just discovered his penchant for writing songs. Those last weeks they poured out of him like waters too long dammed up, needing to burst forth. And burst forth they did, in abundance. Birthed in a great pain I would not know until later, his melodies brimmed with hope, proclaiming faithfulness in seasons of darkness that should have been foreign to so young a life, instead of a familiar taste.

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If you would like to accept Godís free offer of salvation, pray this simple prayer and by faith invite Him to fill you with His Spirit:

Dear Father, I need you. I confess that I have sinned against you by living my life as if I actually knew what I was doing. I have made many bad decisions and done many things I am ashamed of. I thank you for forgiving my sins through the blood of your precious son Jesus Christ who died on the cross for me. I now invite Jesus to take His rightful place in my heart as ruler of my life. Fill me with the Holy Spirit. I believe that you love me just as I am and I ask you to teach me how to love you back. Create in me a clean heart as you show me how to live each day for You.