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From the Editor -
John Hunt
A Merry Heart
Featured Article
The Once a Year Irishman
By John Hunt

When I was growing up, my family would celebrate St. Patrick’s Day like any good Irish family does. We would eat corned beef dinners, hang shamrock decorations, and don ourselves in various green outfits and accessories. It didn’t matter how ridiculous we might look in our green penny loafers and shamrock lapel pins; we were Irish, b’golly, and it was therefore a cardinal sin not to conform to the wearin’ o’ the green.

To most people this might not seem that bad. After all, one should be proud of his or her heritage. And to be truthful, green wears pretty well on me. But that’s entirely beside the point; it’s the pretense that matters. And the pretense was that my entire childhood was a colossal ruse.

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By David Ian

The following is a transcript of the original first century broadcast of "The Future In Hindsight" in March on Judean Public Broadcast. The ideas represented here do not reflect any of the staff or employees of JPB, their families, and certainly none of its lawyers retained to draft this disclaimer.

McLaffin: Hello, I'm Tom McLaffin, and welcome to "The Future in Hindsight", a gathering of diverse minds dedicated to looking into important eco-social political and religious issues, here in the time of the first century of a brand new age. Today we have Eleazar from the tribe of Judah, distinguished Pharisee and current head of the Sanhedrin. Welcome Eleazar.

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Slip Sliding Away
By Tina Mitchell

After my conversion, I waited for months before I finally went forward in church for baptism and church membership. It was not the obedience of the act that I feared. No, there were two tiny things that bothered me about getting baptized. One – when you come up out of the water the gown clings to your body. Two – I wasn’t sure that the pastor could hold me. You see, I was a little heavy.

Okay, I’ll say it. I was fat.

That said, one Sunday the pastor brought a sermon on obedience and I fell under great conviction. Throwing off my worries, I went forward during the invitational and scheduled to follow the Lord in baptism the next Sunday.

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