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The Psalm 37 Man
By DeAnna Brooks

Shouts of Hosanna! blanketed the air . . .  
while a carpet of palm branches
laid out a royal welcome.
Cries of Crucify Him!
soon to rend the skies,
on this day remained buried
in the blackness of evil's malice . . .
though the faintest whisper of their birth
even now stirred unseen realms.
For Trust, borne on a colt, entered the land.

Delight in the Lord was bringing Him
the desire of His heart . . .
the doing of His Father's will.

Draped about the Son's soul
lay that Divine garment . . .
the robe of stillness woven with strands
of patient hope . . .
the bearer of grace
of protection
of salvation
sewn thread by thread from
feeding on the Father's faithfulness.

Heaven's heart,
tented in Eden's clay
walked steps ordered by the Lord . . .
steps committed to the Father's way . . .
as palm branches waved
and dominions watched – breathless!

Though the wicked plotted
gnashing their teeth        
Trust, upheld by the Father's hand,
laid hold of His inheritance . . .
Righteousness that shone like the dawn.

And though drawn swords
and bended bows
bought bloodied drops of sweat,
God's law in His heart
kept His steps firm
and His feet from slipping
as He trod Via del a Rosa's bloodied road . . .
inheriting the land forever.

DeAnna Brook's earliest endeavors in writing nearly 40 years ago were poetry. Though she seldom visits this genre today, she still loves the flow of words and the vision they can evoke. DeAnna appreciates how poetry can capture a moment, a heartbeat, and bring it to life. She says that God's Word  is still her greatest treasure house for these journeys into life's heart.
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