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From the Editor -
Patricia Ouellette
Cyber Walk
Featured Article
Christianity and Technology
By Patricia Ouellette

Computers and the Internet have revolutionized the world like nothing before. The invention of the telegraph, telephone, radio and now computers have all played an integral part in the development of this phenomenal medium. The impact on the world and the speed at which it has grown is unprecedented to anything in the history of mankind.

For many years communication was a long, drawn out process. Jeremiah told us how people communicated in the times before Christ. It was also the manner in which people communicated for centuries after Christ. "Runner after runner comes racing in, each on the heels of the last, bringing reports to the king of Babylon that his city is a lost cause." (Jeremiah 51:31 The Message.)

Runners were used to get messages from one location to another right up until the 1800ís. In medieval times, through to the early 1800ís, people on horseback were used to get messages across vast distances and in the United States the Pony Express was used.

Then the telegraph was invented and it revolutionized the way people communicated. Getting information or messages was still a drawn out process because of the distance you had to travel to get to a telegraph station, but it wasnít as slow as depending on a long line of runners.

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Cyber Space Explorer
By Dean Herring

A cyber-space explorer
Iím online but off the rail
A knight in shining armour
Weighed down by chain E-mail

I know spam when I see it
Iím fighting off the worms
But my firewall is glitching
And I can CD burns

I need a great provider
Connection quality
I will be your server
God be my ISP

I googled and I forumed
I searched across the web
Fought off junk and pop-ups
That streamed into my head.

My system was about to crash
My threads had all been frayed
But my memory found your freeware
The registration paid.

ICQ and you find me
You refresh me and Iím new
My history is deleted
The full screen is in view.

Yahoo! you know my username
No need to chat alone
I know that I am in your site
Iím virtually home.

Dean Herring is studying Creative Writing at Griffith University on the Gold Coast of Australia where he lives with his wife and three children. His local church provides both inspiration and an audience for his scriptwriting and performance poetry.

What Are You Saying? Acronyms, Friend or Foe
By Karen Treharne

Typing can get tiring, especially if you sit at a computer all day, five to seven days a week. So it seems only natural that people on the Internet have developed the use of acronyms to speed up the process.

Here is a partial list of some of the most popular. I actually knew eight of the 41 which is surprising since I only use a couple "common" ones on a daily basis.

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Site of the Month

I'm Waiting as Fast as I Can/In the Word Ė Dori Knight http://wordwithdori.blogspot.com/

Dori has created this blog so that like-minded Christians may come together, read the bible in a year and fellowship in a bible study as you read. Some enlightening views and comments will help to broaden your understanding of Godís awesome Word. Dori has a printable .pdf file each month with the reading plan to help you along the way. A must visit and highly recommended for anyone to join.

Tip of the Month

Recently I had a scary reminder about stranger danger for our children. This time it involved the Internet.

Please use wisdom when allowing your children to use the Internet, no matter what age they are. Include the use of the Internet in your familyís "Stranger Danger Talks" Ė it is very important.

Whatever you do, please do not use the computer as a babysitter while you are busy doing housework or elsewhere in or out of your home. Parental Supervision is the ONLY protection for our kids on the Net. No program can replace, nor be as diligent as, the loving supervision of a parent.