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Christianity and Technology
By Patricia Ouellette

Computers and the Internet have revolutionized the world like nothing before. The invention of the telegraph, telephone, radio and now computers have all played an integral part in the development of this phenomenal medium. The impact on the world and the speed at which it has grown is unprecedented to anything in the history of mankind.

For many years communication was a long, drawn out process. Jeremiah told us how people communicated in the times before Christ. It was also the manner in which people communicated for centuries after Christ. "Runner after runner comes racing in, each on the heels of the last, bringing reports to the king of Babylon that his city is a lost cause." (Jeremiah 51:31 The Message.)

Runners were used to get messages from one location to another right up until the 1800ís. In medieval times, through to the early 1800ís, people on horseback were used to get messages across vast distances and in the United States the Pony Express was used.

Then the telegraph was invented and it revolutionized the way people communicated. Getting information or messages was still a drawn out process because of the distance you had to travel to get to a telegraph station, but it wasnít as slow as depending on a long line of runners.

Alexander Graham Bell brought the telephone into being. I doubt he could ever have envisaged the prolific use of the telephone or its capacity, which we enjoy today.

The first message sent via computer through a telephone line was in the 1960ís. Thanks to the ingenuity of Leonard Kleinrock and JCR Licklider of MIT and many others, we now have the Internet.

The Internet has grown at an astounding rate and is used for nearly every conceivable purpose. Almost every facet of our lives today involves the use of computers and the Internet in some way or another. Not only is it marvelous for communication, it is also a major factor in education, health and business.

In Australia, pilot programs are underway within medical practices for remote and isolated people so they can have a consultation with a doctor via Internet video link up. There is also the School of the Air in Australia which, until recently used two-way radio for the children in remote areas to get an education. These days the children are hooked up to the Internet via satellite link and participate in school classes with other children who are spread out over thousands of kilometers. Most of these children only get to see their teacher in person once a year, if they are lucky. It is amazing how far we have come in the communication revolution.

Everyday I marvel at the wealth of information that can be gained from the Internet, but there is one area that is most pleasing to the heart Ė how the Christian community has taken hold of this awesome medium to proclaim Godís love.

Through my husbandís ministry, my churchís website and many other sites I visit regularly to enrich my growth in the Lord, I am brought to tears of joy for the Lord. The messages, teachings and resources that are being made available are impacting so many lives. Every day I hear a wonderful story about someone being lead to the Lord. Every week I get the opportunity to witness the testimonies of others.

Satan is trying his hardest to destroy the good that God has led so many to do on the Internet. Oh but how futile are his attempts. God is all-powerful. He is the Alpha and Omega and the Internet belongs to Him. I encourage you to use this immense resource to shout His name from the rooftops. Use it to witness Godís word to the multitudes and use it to strengthen your own life with Christ.

I thank God for this medium and the power He has unleashed within it for His glory. Jesus said, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation." (Mark 16:15 NIV.) No longer are we subject to outreaching in our own backyard Ė with the Internet we can now reach millions just by the click of a button.

There are so many nations who are subjected to persecution because of their faith in God. These people are able to share in Godís Word and love through the Internet. They are able to fellowship and grow with other Christianís world-wide. People who are unable to attend a Christian church in their country are able to worship the Lord and attend church services via the Internet.

Thank you Lord Jesus for this awesome medium to spread Your Word and love to the multitudes.

Trish Ouellette is a wife and step-mother of seven glorious children and three grand children. Trish and her husband Jim, run a small computer business from home, as well as two large Internet ministries, which keep her busy designing websites, fixing, upgrading and building computers and teaching computer and Internet technology. With every minute of her spare time she explores her talents in writing and art, which is available to view on her personal website Christ Driven Brush & Pen http://christdriven.evangel-list.com.
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