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Acting UpThe Room
By Randy G. Foncree

Jill Christianís ability vs. Godís ability in her.

Jill Christian (on stage at all times)
The Voice (off stage at all times)


Jill Christian is standing in the middle of a room. There is a door at the other end of the room that sheís making every effort to reach. Thereís only one problem, Jill canít move. If she tries to move her arms or take a step, itís as though some unseen force is restraining her.


Jill: (Pushing her arms outward, but being restrained) "IÖI canít hardly move, the pressure!"

Voice: But thereís nothing around you.

Jill: (Strained) Itís holding me back Ö what is it?

Voice: Thatís what you have to figure out.

Jill: (Tries to take step, but is pushed back in place) I canít go anywhere.

Voice: I thought everything was fine.

Jill: I feel fine, but the frustration of not being able to moveÖgo anywhere, THE PRESSURE! I canít move!

Voice: Canít, or wonít! What about fighting Ö you know, spiritual warfare?

Jill: (Bewildered, but still straining to move) I canít, I think. Actually, I have no fight left in me.

Voice: (With sad tone) Well then, I guess youíre stuck.

Jill: (With a hint of sarcastic frustration) Thatís not what I needed to hear.

Voice: According to your own admission, you canít moveÖ youíre stuck.

Jill: (With a little resignation) Maybe I should just stand here and rot.

Voice: Thatís an idea, easier just to give up, hmmm? Donít YOU need to be doing something more to get yourself out of that predicament?

Jill: Yeah, but I have little strength leftÖno fight, if you will.

Voice: (With a little more tenderness) Have you considered praying? One caution though; donít make your praying a matter of "duty" as you have everything else. Otherwise the pressure in your nothingness will become even tighter.

Jill: (A little brokenness in her voice) I know, I feel it tightening already.

(Jill strains to move her arms but has difficulty.) All right, I have no choice but to stand here, so Iíll pray. Here I am Lord, confined in this room of pressured nothingnessÖhopeless to get myself out. I canít move (her voice begins to quiver and tears well up in her eyes).

Voice: (Soothingly) Calm and still.

Jill: (Inquisitively) What do you meaÖ

Voice: (Interrupts in almost a whisper) Ssshhh, STILL!

Jill: (Still praying) Ok, Iíll do as you say.

Voice: (Very deliberately) Take a step.

Jill: (With uncertainty) BUTÖ

(Interrupted by the voice)

Voice: (Stern, yet with compassion) TAKE A STEP.

Jill (Jill begins to step out, but is halted) Au, au, au, just a small step.

(With uncertainty and trepidation, Jill takes a small step without much effort.)

Jill: (With sincerity and brokenness; voice quivering) Lord, my trust is in you.

(An object flies by her head. She ducks as it barely misses her.) Lord, what was that?

Voice: (With patience and understanding) Just an obstacle. You did well ducking out of the way. TAKE ANOTHER STEP! Just trust me.

Jill: AlÖAlright! (With a little more confidence, she takes another step). I praise yoÖ

Voice: (interrupts her in mid-sentence) Ssshhh, take even another step. Only take the steps that I direct.

Jill: (With a strained look) Ok Lord, but what else do I do?

Voice: (Firm, yet gentle) Nothing Jill, only listen and follow my directions.

Jill: (Almost interrupts) Ok, I "need" to take anotherÖ

Voice: (Interrupts firmly) Only when I say.

Jill: (Feeling the pressure again and worrying) The lost, the poor, the hungry.

Voice: (Not changing emotion) Theyíll be there until I come again. Right now, you need to just do as I say.

Jill: (With sincere despair) I feel so alone.

Voice: Jill, you must learn that your worth is not defined by what, or how much you do for me, but in who you are in me.

Jill: (Comforted) Thank you Lord. I praise you!

Voice: (With pleasure) Now THAT was sincere.

Jill: I didnít feel the usual desperation. I felt strangely confident.

Voice: I know, spiritual growth is easier when you trust. Donít do, just be.

Jill: Kind of like, "If any man BE in Christ, he is a new creature", not "if any man "do" in Christ?"

Voice: Exactly, keep learning. Step! (Jill takes a step effortlessly) Step, step, step.

(Every time the voice says, "step", Jill steps. This happens until Jill is standing in front of the door at the other end of the room.)

Jill: (With amazement and anticipation) Whatís beyond that door?

Voice: (In a somewhat flat voice) Your destiny Jill.

Jill: (A little uncertainly) Mm, my destiny? What do you mean, "my destiny"?

Voice: (Like a teacher) Beyond that door, youíll be able to see some things more clearly than you do now.

Jill: Really!

Voice: Beyond that door is a new level in me. If you begin to trust in your own efforts over there, the pressure you feel here will return. (The voice becomes more serious) If you get into self effort over there, the cost will be much higher.

Jill: (With a little fear and trepidation) Sort of like, to whom much is given, much will be required of him?

Voice: Exactly. Over here was a training ground, a time of proving, and a time where a certain amount of immaturity was tolerated. Understand it was never acceptable, but my mercy is great. My mercy will be great beyond that door, but if you fall, there is a greater distance between where you are and the ground. Through that door is a higher level in me. Just as youíve learned here, you need to allow me to direct your every step.

Jill: What was that pressure I began to feel several months after my salvation that caused me to end up here?

Voice: (With emotion) The pressure you were feeling, and why you got to where you were going nowhere, is nothing more than self-effort. You trusted in me at first as a new-born baby is completely dependant on its mother. But when you began to grow, you started stepping out on your own without my direction. You stopped consulting me in your ministry plans, so I was not able to put my stamp of approval on your efforts, because I needed you to go in a different direction than you were going.

Jill: (With penitent, almost quivering, tone) Oh Lord, Iím so sorry. I donít ever want to get that far out of your will again. Please forgive me!

Voice: (With compassion and love) Youíre forgiven child. Many of my people never get beyond where you are right now. They get called into the ministry, they feel the unction to tell others about me, and then they just go, not considering the cost at all to what theyíre doing. They leave the church I plant them in, they start ministries that I didnít tell them to start. When I call a person into the ministry, what they need to do is be still and learn of me first. I will begin to open doors for them at the right time. What happens is they get so far away from me that they began to feel the bondage of self-effort, and they get to the point where theyíre tired and wore out. They canít move to the left, or to the right, as youíve experienced. I have lifted my grace and favor away from them for a season as a wake-up call. Many heed the warning, but many do not.

Jill: Am I ready to go through this door?

Voice: Iím glad you asked. But remember, my child as you enter your destiny: Kingdom principles are always opposite from those of the world. To go up, requires you to go down. Iím always moving, but you must learn to only move when I tell you to move. Remember as you go through that door, donít do, just be. I have a work for you, so remember, you donít work for me, I work through you.

Jill: (Raises both hands in praise, then opens the door and goes through) Thank you Lord for showing me Your true way.

© 2004 by "Psallo Praise Ministries", all rights reserved

Randy Foncree gives God all the glory for everything He does and has done in his life. Randy believes the things he writes are from God, and are given first of all to glorify and uplift His name and His Son, and secondly, to uplift, admonish, encourage and build up the body of Christ. You can write to Randy care of the Letters page of this magazine.

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