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Title: All Creatures of Our God and King
Author: Teri Wilson
Publisher: Eden Publications
Genre: Animals/Bible Study
ISBN: 0974627755
Copyright 2006
Pages: 148 pages
Format: Large Paperback
Reviewer: Deborah Porter

Available From:
Eden Publications
Amazon.com (search by ISBN or Title)

Do you love animals?

You do? Well, guess what? God does too-a fact that is made abundantly clear in Teri Wilson's delightful and enlightening six week (or 30 day) Bible Study, All Creatures of Our God and King. Whether for individual use, or in a small group setting, this study will bless all those who take the time to explore God's Word with Ms. Wilson, and discover what the Bible has to say about animals. The result is something very special.

The author admits that she has been a passionate lover of animals since childhood, and this love, together with her great love for God, shines out of every single word in this book.

All Creatures of our God and King is divided into six sections-each comprising of five studies. These six main sections are:

  • Animals in the Bible (an Overview)
  • Jesus' Life with Animals
  • Animals in the Great Stories of the Bible
  • Man's Relationship with Animals
  • Animals and God the Father
  • The Spiritual Lives of Animals.

    Using real life illustrations, Ms. Wilson gently draws the reader into each day's study and guides them to discover, for themselves, God's heart for all creatures.

    As I worked through the book, I was struck by the fact that this Bible study is not just great for Christians, but would also make an excellent gift for any animal lover who is open to the Bible or Christianity. The studies are very easy to understand and continually point the reader to Christ and the Gospel message. This potential as an evangelistic tool, alone, makes All Creatures of Our God and King a valuable resource.

    One of the best things about Ms. Wilson's Bible study is the fact that it is particularly reader-friendly. It is not heavy, confusing or complicated at all. Even so, it should not be discounted as lightweight, either. The study is very balanced and flows well from start to finish.

    Particularly enjoyable were the examples and stories the author used to introduce each study. Some made me chuckle out loud, such as when beloved Golden Retriever, Nellie, ate the author's brand new, $450 mouth guard. When Nellie eventually "returned" the guard, Teri wrote, "There it was, all slobbery and dented, laying in dog vomit on the floor. Well, I would call my dentist first thing in the morning. There was not enough money in the world to make me try and put that thing back in my mouth." You can't argue with that!

    Other illustrations provided quite eye-opening information, such as the fact that St. Bernard dogs were bred very specifically for the purpose of rescuing people who became lost on the Great St. Bernard Pass in the Alps. I always knew they had been used this way (who hasn't seen the pictures of these wonderful dogs with their little barrels around their necks?) but had never realized that it was for this purpose they were created.

    There are also some stories that will bring a lump to the throat and a quick tear to the eye. The one that leaps immediately to mind is that of the abused cat that was found by a nurse and given to a resident in an assisted living facility.

    For quite a while, the cat was terrified and lived under the gentleman's bed-only coming out at night to eat, before darting back to safety. Over time, the cat started venturing out from under the bed during the day, until she eventually learned to trust the man. Now she spends hours each day sitting in his lap and enjoying cuddles.

    The gentleman told the author that he had never realized just how lonely he was until that cat came into his life. He finished by saying, "I rescued her, and then she rescued me."

    Quick, someone, pass the tissues!

    It's this mixture of heartwarming stories, humorous illustrations, interesting information and Scriptural truth that all blend together to make All Creatures of Our God and King such a satisfying, uplifting and enjoyable Bible study. It is a delight from start to finish.
    Deborah Porter is the Editor of FaithWriters' Magazine and the FaithWriters Anthologies, Coordinator of the FaithWriters Writing Challenge, and Coordinator of the FaithWriters Book Reviews. She lives in Sydney, Australia, where she is writer and presenter of the Cool Country Gospel Hour-A Breath of Fresh Air on Cool Country Radio 2KA. Apart from writing under the banner of Breath of Fresh Air, Deborah also owns the Finesse Writing and Editing Service. You can write to Deb care of the Letters page of this magazine.