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Hearing God Speak

Gift 'Rappin' for Father's Day
By Al Boyce

Whassup bro? Wanna hang out?
Can't right now, I'll give you a shout

Later bro. You got stuff to do
Check you out when you get through.

Wait, maybe you could give me a hand
I'm looking for stuff for my old man.

Hey gimme a break, that's all jive
You don't even know if your dad's alive

And even before he went away
You never got him nothing for Father's Day.

Chill out bro, I ain't talking 'bout him
Whatcha thinkin', do I look that dim?

I'm talkin' 'bout my Holy Dad
Who loves me even when I'm bad.

I didn't believe, but he was watchin' my back
When I was dealing drugs and smokin' crack

Now I'm straight and got some bling
But what can I get someone who's got everything?

Man, don't you ever read His Word?
Let me remind you, I know you've heard

Our Father tells us what He wants done
In Mark 12, 30 and 31

Love the Lord with all your heart,
You can't buy that at the Super Wal-Mart.

And love your neighbor as yourself,
You can't pull that off the appliance shelf.

Check it out dude, you're getting close,
What was that part about sheep and goats?

I think it was in Matthew 25
Time to make that scripture come alive!

We'll hit up the stores for food and drinks
Some jeans and shirts, but it ain't what you think.

We can't shop for Him, if we want to please,
We gotta give something to the least of these.

Hop in the car, we'll head for skid row
We'll show 'em that somebody loves 'em, bro.

Once we got started, it wasn't that hard
To make a really awesome Father's Day card

We praise You Dad up there on Your throne!
For the greatest ever single parent home.

Al Boyce is a former wire-service reporter living in Raleigh, NC, where he and his wife, Cindy, have a thriving homeless ministry. Al currently works as a systems engineer, and writes a Christian column for Crossmap.com. You can write to Al care of the Letters page of this magazine.