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Therefore Choose Life
By Janice Cartwright

"I call heaven and earth to record this day against you,
that I have set before you life and death,


(Oh, the buzzin' of the bee and the flutter at the bath
And the shadow of the tree in the twist of the path

The bunny in the brush and the babe to the breast
And the dart and the glide of the swallow to the nest

The wave of the heat and the blanket of the flower
And a monk of the hood and a summer-day shower

The strength of the sun and the mellow of the moon
And the deep of the grass and the laze of the noon

The furrows in the rows and the dipper at the well
And the ripe of the grape and the filling of the pail

The snip of the shears and the wine on the lees
And the cellar of the salt and the nod to the breeze

The army of the ants in their stomp in their pomp
And the haze of the light off the dew and the damp

The rushing of the tide and the piper in a race
And the swell of the earth as it hangs out in space

The sapphire of the sea and the golden of the clay
And evening's slanted ray and the new of the day)


(Or, the sting of the bee and the drowning at the bath
And the felling of the tree and the stone in the path

The skinny of the bunny and the droop of the breast
And the dart through the heart of the hen on her nest

The scorch of the heat and the wilt of the bloom
The bliste of the sun and the hollow of the moon

The steel to the throat and the wall of the wail
And brown of the crop and the empty dinner pail

The heaven that is brass and the earth that is iron
And the rot in the plum and the wither on the vine

The stench of the storm from the corpse where it fell
And the wine into water but no water in the well

The battle of the beasts and the bedlam of the ant
And the shade of the light in the dim of the lamp

The quake of the earth and the drought and the flood
And the horse and its bridle for the depth of the blood

The pouring of the plague on the jackal-desert waste
And the shudder of the orb as it swerves from its place)

therefore choose life, that both thou
and thy seed may live:" Deuteronomy 30:19 KJV

Janice Cartwright is mother to three and grandmother to ten, a native Texas girl who has been an avid reader for the better part of a lifetime. Though she discovered writing, in her words, on the far side of the hill, Janice now enjoys penning poetry, short stories, and essays. Nature themes that parallel spiritual truths are among her favorite subjects for writing as she so gloriously demonstrates in Therefore Choose Life.. If you would like to write to Janice, you can do so through the Letters page of this magazine.