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If Time Stood Still
By Jacquelyn Horne

If turning back the clock
Would let us time repeat,
I'd gladly set it back again
To keep you 'round my feet.

But, then 'tis true, this great adult,
I never would have known.
If time stood still and kept you small,
I'd never see you grown.

I'd love to hear your laughter
Still around the family home.
I'd love to see you playing catch
On grasses newly mown.

But, then, I could not witness
All the joy you now possess,
As you, your own small children,
Do both coddle and caress.

I'd like to kiss your skinned-up knee,
And dry your selfish tears.
I'd like to press you to my heart
And calm your dreadful fears.

But, then I would not see the strength
I now see in the man,
Who once was just a little boy
And held my grown-up hand.

I helped you find your way to God,
I taught you how to pray,
And now I wish that I could hear
Your youthful plea each day.

But, then, I never would have known
This man who stands so tall,
And prays to God with open heart,
with ne'er a shame at all.

I wonder, now, if time stood stagnant,
Never bringing change,
How would each one survive the same,
And never think it strange?

God knows what's best, and he made time,
Then brought it all to pass.
But, just for once, I'd like to see
You small again, alas!

Jacquelyn Horne is a former newspaper reporter who has won various awards including two Delaware School Bell awards. She has poems and articles published in magazines and Christian publications. She moved from Delaware to central Georgia 13 years ago. You can write to Jacquelyn care of the Letters page of this magazine.