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Do Scents Make Sense?
By Laurie Glass

I often find myself pondering about some of the simple things in life. For instance, do scents make sense?

When I shower in the morning and reach for the shampoo, I can't help but wonder who decided our hair should smell like fruit? Your hair can smell like strawberries, peaches, mangos or even like a combination of fruits. But why fruit? Why not the smell of freshly cut grass, leather, or some of our favorite spices? I have wondered this for years, yet I have a feeling that I'll never know the answer.

And what about deodorant? Currently, I'm using one with the scent "Morning Clean." Who decided what the morning smells like anyway? I've never woken up to a morning that smells like this deodorant, and if I ever do, I'm not sure that I'll want to get out of bed. Furthermore, do I really want to smell like the morning in the afternoon, or even in the (gasp) evening? Should I be applying other deodorant throughout the day? Perhaps I should also be using, "Afternoon Refreshment", "Evening Rejuvenation" or "Nighttime Bouquet".

The reason I use deodorant is so that I don't lose my family, my friends, my job or my privilege of shopping in the grocery store. As long as I don't end up smelling like a locker room, or as though I've just run a marathon, or haven't showered in a week, that's really all I expect from my deodorant.

Then there's perfume. Aren't there some lovely fragrances available? Why, you can smell like flowers or vanilla, or something else at least as sweet. I have a question, though--why do we wear it? Looking at the choices available, I would say that we wear it for ourselves, and for the enjoyment of other women. Yet I was under the impression that the idea was for us to wear it so that we will smell nice for the men in our lives--or for the men we wish were in our lives.

It seems to me that I should be wearing a scent that men would enjoy. You know, the smell of some of "his" favorite things--like that new car smell, the lovely aroma of his favorite old sneakers, motorcycle exhaust, perhaps a meal of steak and potatoes, or even leftover pizza.

Oh, and have you noticed the various scents of laundry soap these days? One I saw recently was "mountain breeze." I want to know--if I wash my clothes with this, will I truly smell like a mountain breeze? Since I don't live near a mountain, and am not sure what a mountain breeze smells like, how do I know this is a true label? If I visit the mountains someday and find that this laundry soap does not smell like a real-life mountain breeze, can I then sue the company for false advertising?

To be honest, I don't need my clothes to smell like anything in particular. I just want them to be clean.

My conclusion? In the end, since my nose knows what it likes and what it doesn't like, I guess it doesn't matter if scents make sense. Perhaps it's time for me to ponder about some things that actually matter in life--like why do clothing sizes vary so much, why do I always get in the slow checkout line at the store, and why can't I get a customized cable TV package?

If I come up with any of those answers, I'll be sure to let you know.
Laurie Glass is single and works as a Legal Assistant/Bookkeeper. She enjoys writing and others tell her that her poetry is an inspiration to them. Her passion is to share a message of hope and healing with those who are hurting and facing bondage issues of all kinds. However, Laurie enjoys writing something more lighthearted from time-to-time.