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The Brightness of the Night
By Paulette Rogers

Hearing Your Voice call me, I step outside
Onto dew-kissed grass.
Stars blanket the sky like diamonds,
Fireflies permeate the trees,
The moon, full and pristine, hangs in the
Sky, defying the darkness.
A gentle breeze caresses my face
Lifting my spirit to You.

Tree frogs contribute to the concerto of praise,
Not to be outdone by the crickets and singing bugs.
The scent of mock orange and honeysuckle lay
Poised on the air.

Beholding Your Glory everywhere, I dance
Through the night --
Singing, kneeling, praising, leaping,
Bowing, skipping, worshipping, praying.

Joy floods my soul as I revel in Your Love!
I feel Your pleasure, I hear Your laughter.
Intimacy with God is sacred and thrilling!
Heart bursting I cry out,
"Father, everyone should experience this!"

Not I, but Christ, is the depth of my prayer.
The more I come into His Presence for bathing,
The greater my opportunity to become more like Him.
The more like Him I become, the better
I like myself.
Joy is Jesus all over me!

"Listen, as I tell you about this night," He whispers into my soul.
"You thought the brightness of the night
Came from the moon,
But it came from My Presence.

As you danced with abandon upon the wet grass
You were not alone.
I was right alongside you with a dance
Of my own.
I twirled with you. I laughed with you.

Others can experience this too.
Let me ask you, 'Where are they?'"
Bowing my head in sadness I replied,
"I don't know, Lord."

Then, looking up into His Eyes,
I place my hand in His.
Heavenly music fills the air,
Heart pulsing in my throat, I curtsy and ask,
"O Lord, may I have this dance?"

Paulette Rogers is a columnist for her hometown newspaper, and she has had both her testimony and poetry published. Paulette is the administrator and facilitator of a school of ministry, and regularly goes on mission trips to Jamaica. You can write to Paulette through the Letters page of this Magazine.

I Still Crave the Love of My Dad
By Janice Ramkissoon

I know not what to call you
Though I refer to you as Dad
My heart urges to love you
But my emotions are a blank.

Reserved in my heart a special place
Just waiting for you to claim
There lies an empty space
Replacing happiness with pain

I've spent years imagining your face
Still more years running without a cheer.
Now it pours, leaving traces on my face,
You're still not here to dry my tears.

My child's given me a new lease of life,
My true friends God has revealed
I dance with the love of my life,
But the love of my dad is still concealed.

Now slowly my yearning fades
As I learn to trust in God's perfect plan
Realizing His love never fades--
But I still crave the love of my dad.

Janice Ramkissoon is a wife and mother who has recently launched a new career as a travel and inspirational writer. She uses her gift of writing to encourage and motivate others in their walk of faith and has founded Write2Shine (write2shine.com) to aid the process. You can write to Janice through the Letters page of this magazine.