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Working with Daddy--Whatever the Task
By Janet Rubin

My husband, David, knows what it feels like to be an idol--worshipped and adored. He even has his very own fan club. We all love him, of course, but the real "groupies" are one-year-old Chloe and three-year-old Cassidy.

When Daddy arrives home from work, a riot ensues. Two shrieking little girls, together with two barking Dalmatians, rush the door with the unbridled enthusiasm of Dino the dinosaur greeting Fred Flintstone. The excitement of the small crowd could rival the screaming fans of the Beatles during the 60's.

"Daddy's home!" they chant. Immediately, Chloe lifts her arms to be picked up, while Cassidy begins chatting his ear off. The dogs circle his legs, sniffing for bones and begging for scratches behind the ear. From the kitchen, Chelsey and I look on. At eleven, she is too cool to join in the frenzy, and I'm far too sophisticated.

Yes, the girls love their daddy. Chloe's eyes sparkle and Cassidy's dimples show when they are recipients of Daddy's attention. They delight in helping Dave take off his dirty, stinky boots. They follow him about the house, watching in fascination as he brushes his teeth or makes a cup of coffee. I might feed my daughters, dress them, and kiss their boo-boos, but Dad is the "fun" one. Can you imagine? My girls prefer David's monotone version of "Green Eggs and Ham" to my own dramatic rendition. Oh the injustice of it all!

The following example illustrates the depth of Cassidy's devotion to her daddy.

Every couple of days, Dave grabs his bucket and shovel, and heads out to the backyard to clean up after the dogs. Invariably, an excited Cassidy will stop him and ask, "Daddy, are you going to pick up doggy poop?"

"Yes, Cassidy," he'll reply.

"Can I help?" she'll ask, eyes wide with hope.

"Sure, Cass."

"Oh goody! Mommy, I'm going to help Daddy get the doggy poop!"

I watch as they go outside, Cassidy skipping along as if headed for the ice cream parlor. While Dave scoops up one pile, Cassidy hunts down the next. "Here's one Daddy! Get it! Get it! Get it!" she yells, as though it is liable to run off at any moment. She seems to enjoy this more than my carefully planned Easter egg hunt.

Looking out the window, I marvel. She delights in this disgusting task simply because she can do it with Daddy.

Shouldn't this be our attitude towards God? Regardless of the nature of our work, can't we delight in it and work joyfully as we commune with the Father? What is your least favorite task? Mopping floors? Working in the nursery? Ironing? Weeding? Consider that God is with you as you work. Pray while you work and use the time to be close to Him. Thank Him for the strength and health you have enabling you to work. Thank Him for the opportunities you have to serve your family and church. Just at Cassidy enjoys working with her father--no matter what the task--we can delight in being with our Abba as we work every day!

"For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, "Abba, Father." The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God." (Romans 8:15-16 NKJV)
Janet Rubin likes to say she is "just a sheep," but she is also wife to fireman, Dave and mother to three lovely girls and two sweet Labradors. She lives with her family on the coast of Connecticut, where she tries to balance her passion for writing with homemaking and home schooling. Her number one passion is worshipping and serving along with her family at her church, Calvary Chapel of Southeastern Connecticut.