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Title: The Bankrupt Spirit: Principles for Turning Setbacks into Comebacks
Author: Vivi Monroe Congress
Publisher: Little Light Productions, LLC http://www.littlelightprod.com/
ISBN: 097480200X
Reviewer: Dian Moore

Is your heart-fund empty?

Vivi Monroe Congress’s debut book, The Bankrupt Spirit: Principles for Turning Setbacks into Comebacks, is based on Jeremiah 1:10, "See, today I appoint you over nations and kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant."

It is a tool for women, and men, to refill their bankrupt spirits.

This small book is power-packed with truth and the step-by-step instructions describing how to discern the state of one’s spirit, and then fill it to the max. It is an excellent study guide and leaves space for notes by the reader as she goes through each step to discover, and heal, her personal state of bankruptcy.

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Title: Beyond the Veil: God's Call to Intimate Intercession
Author: Alice Smith
Genre: Christian Living/Prayer
Publisher Renew Books – 1997
Length 204 pages
ISBN: 0830720707
Reviewer: Kathy Bruins

In the days of Moses, God instructed him to have the people build a tabernacle, so that God could be in their midst at all times. The tabernacle included an outer court, where the common person would sacrifice and worship God. Inside the tent, was the Holy Place where only the priests and high priest could enter. The last room in the Tabernacle was the most special of them all…the Holy of Holies, where God’s presence and glory lived over the Ark of the Covenant. The high priest was the only person allowed in this room, and then only once a year. Separating the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies was a veil of tightly woven threads of red, purple, blue and gold.

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Title: Miracle on the Monastery Mountain
Author: Douglas Demetrios Lyttle
Genre: Photography/Historical/Documentary
Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group (April 1, 2004)
ISBN: 0974744603
Reviewer: Dian Moore

If you have a father who loves photography and is interested in the history of Christianity, Miracle on the Monastery Mountain, is the perfect gift, holding 405 pages and 655 photographs on heavyweight paper.

It’s not often that I feel honored to be able to review a book. In fact, I have to say this review experience was one that moved me spiritually, delighted my eyes and left its words and pictures forever engraved upon my mind. I have cherished this book, which is a work of art lovingly compiled by a gentleman photographer on his personal journey.

Miracle on the Monastery Mountain is to be absorbed, studied and reflected upon, for within its pages lie enlightenment, truly beautiful images and a glimpse into an oft-misunderstood community of Christian believers, the Eastern Orthodox Christian monks.

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