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From the Editor -
Violet Nesdoly
The Tree House
Featured Article
Sorry, But Youíre Not Invited
By Violet Nesdoly

Uncle Jim stopped the van beside the ĎBeach Pathí sign. "This looks like a great place for a picnic," he said.

"Wow!" exclaimed Susan and Charlie when they saw the sparkling blue water.

"Everybody carry something and we'll be eating in no time," said Aunt May.

Soon the cooler and tote were set up on a log and they were digging for napkins, reaching for sandwiches and pouring glasses of juice. But someone else had come to the picnic too.

"Shoo!" Aunt May shouted slamming down the cooler lid. She handed Charlie a sandwich with one hand and waved at the air with the other. But the large black and yellow insects hovered nearby. One landed on the rim of Charlie's juice glass.

"Wasps!" yelled Charlie. He ran to a stretch of sandy beach, away from the food containers, and took a bite of his sandwich. But a second later he felt a tickle on his hand and saw that a wasp had landed there and was crawling toward the bread. He flung the sandwich onto the sand. "It might sting me!" he cried.

Have you ever spent a picnic or camping trip trying to avoid these stinging insects? Have you wondered when, why and how they sting? Do you know what to do if you get stung?

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Flip Takes a Holiday
By Bill Shurkey

Even frogs it seems have pet peeves and Flip would be the first to tell you his. "It's just ghastly," he'd exclaim, "that someone would mistake me for a toad. Why, anyone with a speck of common sense knows toads don't wear glasses." He'd then quickly adjust his on the end of his nose and dive into the pond's murky water.

Flip never came up until he had his fill. Bugs were his favorite but he was never known to turn down a tasty crawfish, if one crossed his path, and he'd thank God for it.

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Whatís your favorite summer holiday activity?

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 water fun

 taking trips

 relaxing at home

 Bible camp


The Attic
By Gary Simmons

"Samuel Thomas Blackburn I will not tell you again. The answer is no. You are not going up in that attic. It is full of dust and it will cause you to have an asthma attack."

I knew by the sound of my Grannyís voice this question had been asked too many times. Besides she never called me Samuel and definitely never used all three names unless she was upset.

A moment later she was smiling again. She could never stay angry for long.

"Sammy your mother and father will be here tomorrow. You only have a few more days. Enjoy the beach and stop worrying about that silly old dusty attic. "

"Yes Granny."

"I need to run to the store and pick up a few groceries. Why donít you and Duke play outside this morning? The weatherman is forecasting thunderstorms this afternoon and you will be stuck in the house the rest of the day."

I hollered over my shoulder; "Duke, come on boy letís go play."

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Kids' Website of the Month


June is the beginning of summer holidays in some places and itís http://www.bananaboo.com to the rescue.

Four- to eight-year-olds, or anyone who is a kid at heart, will find lots to do here on a rainy day, or whenever you feel like some quiet time at the computer.

Hoot the Mouse and Toot the Cat are waiting to show you around. From pages of puzzles, to stories, to crafts, to coloring pages, to recipes, to a list of names for the characters in your ant farm or snail village, bananaboo.com will keep you busy and unbored all through June!