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From the Editor -
John Hunt
A Merry Heart
Featured Article
The Summer Soulstice
By John Hunt

The other day, my neighbor managed to stop me in my tracks as I walked the twenty feet from my air conditioned car to my air conditioned house. Entrapping me in the midst of a muggy summer day is, in and of itself, grounds for a lawsuit; but then he proceeds to commit the unpardonable faux pas of asking me the most inanely perplexing question of all time: "Hot enough for ya’?"

Now, I consider myself a man of average intelligence, capable of performing basic reasoning and rudimentary mathematical computations, but I’ve never quite been able to answer that question. No, I rather prefer when my flesh melts off my body and burst into flames, thank you.

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I Got Published
By Daniel Pann

People kept saying, "You should write a book." So I did. The process was akin to watching cheese age. It had to be done, took forever, stunk at times, but the results were satisfying. My journey encompassed the better part of two years, from scribbling thoughts onto paper, to the moment author copies were dropped onto our porch.

Everyone has their own approach to writing, some of it methodical, some of it sporadic, and some of it weird; but my style would reveal a growing feeling of frustration, and ultimately resulted in the sure-fire method, "whatever works."

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The Whistler
By Richard S. Barnett

So many people enrich the body of Christ with musical talents that I admire. Their vocal talents and skill with musical instruments feed my spirit, uplift my soul, and inspire me to new heights – whereas I play the radio. Well, that probably doesn’t count anyway; yet an unmusical person like me needs a musical outlet of some sort, even if it’s like using a hockey stick to compete with Tiger Woods. My outlet is whistling.

When everything seems right with the world, and a happy and loving home sustains our cheerfulness, even unmusical people like me cannot keep quiet. We simply cannot stay silent when the sunshine backlights the fall foliage and makes it blaze with color. Of course, the golden days of autumn pass by swiftly, and winter storms always seem to overshadow our lives. "Rainy days and Mondays" will come, as one song says, but they cannot get you down while you whistle, "On the sunny side of the street."

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