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ISSUE 10 - JUNE 2005

"I will exalt you, my God the King;
I will praise your name for ever and ever.
Every day I will praise you
and extol your name for ever and ever."

~ Psalm 145:1-2 NIV ~

Hello and welcome to the June Issue of FaithWriters' Magazine, with a special greeting to all the Dads who will be celebrating Father’s Day later this month. Hope you have a wonderful day with loads of hugs, kisses and special surprises – and not a sock or tie to be seen (unless you want them).

Well, June is a time of major seasonal change all around the world with summer arriving in the Northern Hemisphere, and the chill of winter creeping in for those in the south (like me in Australia). As I write this, I’m sitting with a quilt over my knee, a hot chocolate on the desk beside me and dreams of tropical islands dancing through my head. But no matter whether you are feeling the heat, or shivering with the cold, you’ll find loads of great reading to fill your days right throughout the month.

To get June off to a great start, we have our two very summery front page features. Join Rev. James Snyder as he uncovers a seasonal malady and goes in search of the remedy, in his very witty, "Looking for the Cure for Sabbathitis." Then take a humorous journey back to those days of teenage angst and bad decisions with Kay Brown as she recalls a summer of "Ice Cream Memories."

Big news for all budding limerick writers! This month we are launching our first ever Rhythm of Life Limerick Contest. So make sure you check out Rhythm of Life this month for all the details. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

While you’re over there, take a moment to read the very moving poem by our Rhythm of Life Editor, Bill Shurkey. "We Never Said Goodbye" is at the end of Bill’s column for this month, and is sure to touch even the hardest heart. A very special poem from Bill for Father’s Day.

Ever wondered what to say when someone asks, "Hot enough for ya?" John Hunt has the answer in his Merry Heart column this month, "The Summer Soulstice."

Looking for the Cure for Sabbathitis
By Rev. James L. Snyder

Something happens to people in the good old summer time that borders on spiritual dysfunction. People who are otherwise good and faithful suddenly develop severe cases of Sabbathitis (delinquency from the house of worship). The symptoms of this dread disease are unlike any other.

For example, it only occurs on Sunday and never lasts more than 24 hours. It can affect people of all ages without regard to race, sex or creed. It is an equal opportunity malady and there does not seem to be any known cure.

Some believe the only remedy for this disease is extensive exposure to the sun. "There’s healing in them thar rays," is a cry heard from many sufferers. Armed with bathing suits, sunscreen and picnic baskets, they head for the beach in search of relief from their suffering.

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Ice Cream Memories
By Kay Brown

The Waynesville Drive-In had the biggest ice cream cones any of us had ever seen. Located right outside Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, the little dive became a Mecca for our family after church on muggy summer nights in 1969. That year, I learned to love going to church. My dad was no fool; ice cream is a powerful motivator.

I turned 13 that summer and discovered that I was attracted to huge, chocolate, soft-serve ice-cream cones almost as much as I was attracted to teen-aged boys. I had not been exposed to either one very much before that year. Life was good.

Although there was a long-standing, "No Public Display of Affection," policy at our junior high school,...

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The minute I read Criss Bertling’s application to become the new editor for A Woman’s World, I just knew that God had sent her our way. This lady just bubbles over with love, enthusiasm and encouragement for her sister chicks. I know you are going to love her and all the little extra touches she’s added to A Woman’s World. Make her welcome and send her a note! She can’t wait to hear from you.

Once again our children’s department, The Tree House, is full of wonderful treats for our youngest readers. Join Flip the frog when he goes on vacation, in Bill Shurkey’s fun story, "Flip Takes a Holiday." Then enjoy the suspense of Gary Simmons story, "The Attic." Why is Granny so against Samuel finding out what lies behind that locked door? Two perfect summer stories for children of all ages.

Grab the tissues as Linda Germain plays the heartstrings once again with her Heaven Bound short story, "The Son He Never Had." Then for a complete change of pace, read Dan Blankenship’s "Pentagon Village" – an unusual story with an evangelistic thrust.

Last month. The Parents’ Survival Guide was missing our regular columnist, Kay Brown, who was recovering from a rather traumatic couple of months. For Kay it really was a case of, "It never rains, but it hails!" Thankfully, Kay is back on deck again now and has allowed herself to be vulnerable and very honest in this special "Joy for the Journey" column. This message is for everyone – whether you are a parent or not.

Randy Chambers provides a gentle, thought-provoking message in his devotion, "Did You See?" in Take it to Heart this month. Why not slow down the pace and ask yourself the same question?

Kenn Paul Clarkson begins Part 1 of his story, "The Traveler" in Through Their Eyes this month. Although the story may be familiar to you, Kenn puts flesh on the bones and brings the character to life in a powerful way. I think you’ll enjoy Part 1 of The Traveler as much as I did.

As an editor, I find that there are some stories that, as soon as I read them, I just know have to be shared – which is exactly the case with Carleta Fernandes’ "Mine Story" in The Joy of Family. If you don’t read anything else this month, I really do encourage you to share in this beautiful testimony.

And then, while you are over in that department, you can’t go past "A Hunting We Will Go" by Linda Germain. I still can’t believe what Linda’s dad to solve a tricky situation – and I think you’ll be left smiling too.

Well, as always, I could go on and on. This little preview is just the tiniest selection of what’s inside the pages of this month’s FaithWriters’ Magazine. There is so much more just waiting for you to enjoy!

Don’t forget that you can write to any of our authors, simply by visiting the Letters page in each issue – they honestly love to hear from you.

So until next time, may your every day be filled to overflowing with God’s love, grace and joy!

Deb Porter
FaithWriters’ Magazine