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From the Editor -
Linda Germain
Heaven Bound
Featured Story
HeavenThe Son He Never Had
By Linda Germain

Captain Rick spent his days scraping and sanding junk off of boats. It was not a particularly fun job, but since very few were inclined to do it, the income was good.

The first phase to remove barnacles and slime began as soon as a vessel was hauled into dry-dock. Rick liked to think of it as boat sickbay.

The intense makeovers included high-pressure washing, machine sanding, then sanding by hand. After all that preparation, seven or eight layers of paint would be applied. Even with helpers, Rick had his hands full.

"Excuse me, Sir." Someone was hollering from behind a fancy yacht that was resting on a stand.

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Pentagon Village
By Dan Blankenship

"Wow, what an incredible dream!"

Tony Mason hopped up from his bed, the dream still clear in his mind. He intended to replay it over and over for his own enjoyment.

Tony was convinced he had the good life. He had started his own very successful lawn care business in Chicago ten years earlier. He made the right decisions in the stock market, which gave him a standard of living his parents could only dream about.

He dated the most beautiful women, drove the best cars, and owned a well-furnished condominium that his peers admired; but he had one fear that haunted him daily. Tony feared death.

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HeavenThen and Now
By Karen Treharne

It was dark in the hospital room. Whispered voices could be heard through the partially opened door, and a hazy ray of light filtered in as if to provide an escape route. Sarah’s breathing was rhythmic. The tube attached to her throat was regulating it, and the noise of the control device loomed louder with each pumping action it performed. Bradley found himself counting the beats one by one; first the contraction then the expansion.

"Oh Father," he prayed, "thank you again for keeping my Sarah alive. Please bring her back to me, Lord. I ask for your mercy again – as you once gave to me …"

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