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From the Editor -
Randy Chambers
Take it to Heart
Featured Article
Take to heartDid You See?
By Randy Chambers

Outside, the sun had broken over the horizon and doused the treetop leaves in golden hue. A gentle morning breeze stirred and quietly coursed over branch and bough, and danced upon the stems and limbs. Fresh spring air filled the lungs and fueled chirps of singing birdsÖ

"Much too much to rush about and do.
Where shall distracted living bring my trouble to ensue?
I soon will see, I am indeed afraid.
It is certain I will not escape,
but lay me down to sleep upon the bed that I have made."

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Cup of Tea
By Randy Chambers

Care for a cup of tea?

Not me. No thanks.
Iíve much too much to do.
No time for drinks, or idle chat.
You understand.
Idle chat will lead
to nothing less than idle hands.
Itís true. Donít you agree?

Not me. I simply canít agree.
Busy, busy people give
no time for pleasantry.
Idle chat you say?
No time to chat or have a cup of tea?

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Take to heartRock Opera
By Brenda Kern

The stone community was well prepared for an emergency. It didn't happen too often, but when it did, the filling of the gap was so vital!

The earth itself was the biggest of the group, and was responsible for monitoring the surface for the presence of praise. Given the teeming billions, and the varying times all around the globe, usually, in fact, almost always, God was being given His due.

The peoples praised Him in many ways, in many languages. Sometimes they listened as the leader-preacher expounded on the Scriptures, sometimes they worshipped through giving their tithes and offerings. Living as He would have them live was a constant expression of their reverence for Him. And the music! Oh, the wonderful sound of the music!

The stone community stood ready, nevertheless, from the tiniest grains of sand down to the continent-sized boulders below the mantel. The Son Himself had known about the rehearsals and the readiness, and had made mention of their responsibility to cry out if ever the worship stopped.

And on this night, for the briefest of moments, it did. Not one living soul, anywhere on Earth, was expressing adulation, no praise was being lifted up, no one was thinking of Him with thanks in their heart.

The earth held its breath in a moment of verification, then sent out the clarion call heard only by the members of the stone community. Their moment had finally come again!

And so arose the swell of noise, the marvel. Beautiful truth was heard in the wordless sounds created. Pure praise resonated through the igneous, worship drenched the sedimentary, adoration poured from the metamorphic.

No people could hear this particular sound; it was reserved for God alone. He heard it, and He was well pleased.

The rocks wished in unison that the moment would stretch out, for they spent most of their time yearning to honor Him, pregnant with praise.

Though an elderly woman awoke with a song of praise on her lips, He allowed the stone chorus, the glorious rock opera, to continue, for just a flash more, knowing their need to praise Him, extending their chance to exalt Him.

The community fell back into silence, but each member breathed his own psalm of gratitude for the chance he had been given on this wonderful night, the chance to worship.
Brenda Kern is a grown-up preacher's kid and has been a Christian most of her life. She enjoys writing articles and essays sharing her insights on faith and Bible stories, as well as the occasional humorous story from her "real life." Brenda has had several of her stories included in the FaithWritersí books. You may write to Brenda care of the Letters page of this magazine.