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Dissatisfied or Disgruntled?
By Karen Treharne

"Then let us, one and all,
be contented with our lot;
The June is here this morning,
and the sun is shining hot;
Oh! Let us fill our hearts
up with the glory of the day,
And banish evíry doubt and
care and sorrow far away."

~ James Whitcomb Riley ~

Spring ends and summer begins around June 20, 21, or 22 in the Northern Hemisphere.†It is the time when days are sunny and warm and flowers are beautiful. In the Southern hemisphere, winter is bringing cold, rainy weather. A division like night and day that God designed. One is not better than the other. In fact each has its own appeal and is a gift with purpose from our Creator.

Growing up, my children were much like most other kids. Summer was their favorite time of year. Homework was a word of the past; getting up early was no longer a concern; and spending hours outdoors was all that mattered Ė away from chores, away from responsibilities. But winter, on the other hand, wasnít too bad either. Snow days meant cancelled school and forgotten homework, and whether to take out their sleds or their skis were the only decisions that had to be made on a daily basis; and of course, sleeping in was still a bonus.

Yet, there always seemed to be a downside, and the downside was the complaints. Summer was too short, or they temporarily forgot that winter breaks meant make-up days in June, and lamented, "We only had FOUR snow days."

The first line of Mr. Rileyís poem, "Then let us, one and all, be contented with our lot," seems to fit this situation perfectly. We are forever wanting that which is not in our life at the time, or whining that what we do have isnít enough Ė and not surprisingly, itís not just our children who are guilty. In fact, maybe adults are the worst complainers. We habitually confuse Godís promise to supply all we need, with meaning all we want, instead.

It follows then, that if we are to lead our children and others by example, we need to grasp the concept of contentment for ourselves. No matter where we live, no matter what time of year it is, our goal should be to seek satisfaction with where God has placed us and what He has provided for our welfare. If the flowers are in full bloom, if life-giving rain is falling, or clean, ivory-colored snow covers the ground, it only makes sense to "fill our hearts up with the glory of the day."

But more importantly, filling up our hearts with the glory of God will help to diminish our self-centered desires! In Hebrews 13:5, it is written "Öand be content with what you have, because God has said, "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." (NIV) This truth is why we can be happy.

So, whether it is summer or winter in our specific part of the world, let us glorify the name of our Sovereign God for His abundant blessings, and celebrate this month with our families and friends, indoors or out, with praise, thanksgiving and joy.
Karen is a published writer who loves to write about Godís presence in her life. It is her desire to honor Him with her words and to be used for His purpose and glory. You can write to Karen through the Letters page of this magazine.
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