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From the Editor -
Darlene Hight
Golden Apples
Featured Article
MorningAn Open Door
By Darlene M. Hight

Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door.
~ Emily Dickenson ~

I love Ďdrop iní friends! Nothing is better than swinging open the door and finding a friend standing there. When my children were young, I had one friend who would pop over for coffee and we would end up spending all day together. While our children played in the yard, we whiled away the hours laughing and talking.

I canít always remember when or where these friendships started but I know that it always involved opening a door, a door to friendship. One friend started as my next door neighbor. We often dropped in on each other. We have remained friends for many years. Her children are grown, as are mine, and we walked those years together as friends. She is as close to me as a sister. It is a delight to pick up the phone and find her on the other end.

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Let the Applause Resound
© Karen L. Fasig 10/2004

In this "all for me" world, where greed and self are the goals of life, people seldom take time for the better things of life. The world is in constant pursuit of bigger and better cars, houses, TVís, stereos, or whatever the current craze may be, to the detriment of their lives. Many lack appreciation for what exists in their lives at this very moment.

Before Salvation fell into my life, the pursuit of "things" reigned supreme. Forty-hour workweeks along with all the overtime I could grab allowed our family to purchase a house, car, clothes and any other luxury item deemed a necessity. The only trouble with striving for all that money was that it didnít leave me a lot of time or energy to spend with my family.

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MomsDiscover the Truth and it Will Set You Free
By Timothy Whitt

For years I went through life with the attitude that I had all the time in the world to do what I wanted to do. I pushed God's work to the back burner with the promise that someday I would get around to serving the Lord. As the years rolled by this promise of serving God was made over and over again but would never came into fruition.

Then one day, I discovered that my life was as James says in James 4:4, merely a "vapor that appears for a little time, and then vanishes away." I knew I needed to change my attitude towards serving God because this life is really a gift from Him and should be lived in serving Him.

If we are truthful with ourselves, we will discover that for years we have been deceiving ourselves into believing that life here will go and on. Then one day we wake up and discover that it doesn't. That is the day that you get down on your knees and pray to God for some sign of what to do with the rest of your life.

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