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PatienceLet the Applause Resound
© Karen L. Fasig 10/2004

In this "all for me" world, where greed and self are the goals of life, people seldom take time for the better things of life. The world is in constant pursuit of bigger and better cars, houses, TVís, stereos, or whatever the current craze may be, to the detriment of their lives. Many lack appreciation for what exists in their lives at this very moment.

Before Salvation fell into my life, the pursuit of "things" reigned supreme. Forty-hour workweeks along with all the overtime I could grab allowed our family to purchase a house, car, clothes and any other luxury item deemed a necessity. The only trouble with striving for all that money was that it didnít leave me a lot of time or energy to spend with my family.

Satan used my drive to have the best of everything to cover a need deep inside of me; a longing deep within my soul that cried for recognition. He filled my mind with false hope that the next "thing" would bring the satisfaction and appreciation I so needed.

He blinded my eyes to the importance of things at my fingertips and created a hunger to attain whatever I didnít already have. His wiles worked for a long time, but then that inner longing that dwells inside every human being surfaced. At first the inkling that there had to be something more turned into an outright onslaught.

The denial of this need, that is so profound that when it is recognized it changes the understanding of this life in a moment, would be denied no longer. Christ came into my life and a perspective for appreciation of what Heíd given me entered along with Him.

Life isnít about accumulating the most or having the biggest of anything. It exists to enjoy that small delicate blue bell in the field, or that tiny, intricate fingernail of a newborn babe. Life exists to stand in awe of the creator of life who, for only reasons He knows, showers us with appreciation every second He allows us to continue to breath.

Appreciation, in its purest sense, became visible when God allowed His Son to die for the sins of an unappreciative world. God appreciates us no matter what we do, no matter what we say, no matter if we accept the gift He sent here for us, or not. He appreciates the murderer, the liar, the prostitute, the thief, the priest, the deacon, the baby, the wife, the husband, and even the pedophile. He shows no favoritism when it comes to sinners. We are all His creation; each with a soul the Master sees in its purity.

His longing is only for us to appreciate Him as much as He appreciates us, first by accepting the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ, and then by showing our obedience to Him by sharing our knowledge of Him with others. Once we understand Godís desires, our duty, is to share that love and appreciation with every person who crosses our path whether by word or deed.

My soul now has a new longing within it. That longing will be fulfilled the day I stand before our God and toss every crown at His feet to show my ultimate understanding of just how much He appreciates me and every other saint standing with me. That day the word "appreciation" will be insufficient to express the joy of the soul at seeing our Savior face to face. Only the resounding applause in heaven will be enough.
Karen Fasigís passion for writing†didn't surface until she turned 50.†Since then, numerous articles, plays and even a book have flowed from her pen.†Her only regret is that she doesnít have more time to spend writing.†Life intrudes rudely! You can write to Karen through the Letters page of this magazine.
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