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Volume 3, Issue 11 - July 2007

Due to our exciting first Writers' Conference,
there will not be an August Issue of FaithWriters' Magazine

" Wealth and honor come from you;
you are the ruler of all things.
In your hands are strength and power
to exalt and give strength to all.
Now, our God, we give you thanks,
and praise your glorious name."

~ 1 Chronicles 29:12-13 NIV~

Hello, and welcome to the July Issue of FaithWriters' Magazine. Apart from all the usual great reading, we have three very special stories that I just know are going to bless, inspire, challenge and overwhelm you.

Before I tell you about all the good things inside this month's issue, I want to encourage anyone who is a writer, or even wants to be a writer, to seriously consider attending our first FaithWriters Conference to be held in Detroit in August. Our very special guest speaker is Sally Stuart, the author of numerous helpful books

By Mid Stutsman

A golden glow framed the cedar doorposts of a Mediterranean style mansion, where a lone figure stood in the entryway, casting a shadow across the marble tiles of the floor. When he entered, the light followed, permeating the room with soft rays.

The interior of the home exuded the warmth of his handiwork. He ran his hand over each piece of furniture crafted to perfection from exotic rosewood and mahogany, and accented with gold leaf filigree. Botanical prints, done in low relief, framed the arches of the interior doorways. Pale watercolors were brushed over the surface of the designs to make them stand out even more. Terrazzo floors swirled with the hues of a misty sunrise,...

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for Christian writers, including the invaluable annual Christian Writers' Market Guide. Sally brings a wealth of information and resources with her, so her input alone makes attending worthwhile-but there's so much more. I'm coming all the way from Australia, and would love to meet you.

To find out more about this great event, please visit:


Hope to see you there!

Now, back to this issue of FaithWriters' Magazine...

This month at FaithWriters, we announced the three winners of our third annual Best of the Best awards. From almost 8,000 entries over the last twelve months of the Writing Challenge, 40 entries made it into the contender list for the 2007 Best of the Best awards. These entries were the first place winners from each week of the Challenge from July 2006, through to June, 2007.

I always consider the Best of the Best awards to be the icing on the cake when it comes to the Challenge. To me, it's the celebration and acknowledgement of what has been another wonderful year of topics and entries. This year, the competition for those top three Best of the Best places was so strong and all 40 entries were worthy contenders. However, our three winning entries were the ones that consistently received the strongest ratings from our Best of the Best judges.

Each of these award-winning entries is very different, but very powerful in their own way. I know they will have an impact on you, as they did on our judges.

So, to get things started, we have our First Place Best of the Best winner right here on the front page. Shavings by Mid Stutsman is a beautiful, uplifting piece of writing, and a very worthy winner. You will be blessed from reading it--I'm sure.

Then, in our short story section, Heaven Bound, we have our Second Place winner, Debbie Roome, with her very moving and challenging story, The Garish Orange Frame. The message of this story is a reminder to all of us to look beyond external appearances and see the beauty beneath.

The Third Place winner of this year's Best of the Best was also the Second and Third Place winner of the 2006 awards. Ann Grover is an excellent writer, and that is clearly demonstrated in all her winning entries--particularly this year's winner, Suffer Me to Stand, which can be found in Ripe for the Harvest. It is, quite honestly, an overwhelming re-telling of the last moments of life in this world of a missionary who willingly gave it all for Christ.

So, there you have our three Best of the Best winning entries for 2007. Our congratulations to Mid, Debbie and Ann on their well-deserved wins.

Our other stories and articles this month may not have won any awards, but they are all winners as far as I'm concerned. What a mixture! There are stories to make us smile, others to inspire us onto the heights, ones to challenge us regarding our attitudes, and some to comfort in our darkest hours.

If you are in need of a smile, then make your way over to United as One, and enjoy William Price's delightful story, Pickle Breath. Then, if you've ever wondered where all those missing socks go, make sure you read Little Pitchers Have Big Ears by Catrina Bradley in The Joy of Family. Having lost a new birthday card, a work sock, and the peanut butter just this week, Catrina's story definitely hit the spot with me. And, if you are still looking for something to give you a grin, you must read Donna Emery's Late Expectations in Crown of Splendor. I'm sure all three of these stories will brighten your day.

For inspiration to rise up and become everything God created you to be, make sure you read Tonja Taylor's article You are a Leader, in As I Imitate Christ. And for inspiration to keep you going through the darkest of times, we have two very special pieces--a poem and a testimony to lift your spirit. There's The Defining Moment by Joanne Sher in our Light in the Darkness section, and then in The Rhythm of Life we have a truly beautiful poem, Keeper of My Lighthouse, by Chrissy Siggee. Knowing that Chrissy wrote this during a time of great pain and uncertainty, makes the strength of the words all the more powerful.

If you are looking for something to challenge you, then head over to We are the Church and read Uncompassionate People by FaithWriters' newcomer, Michelle Lowrie. The minute I read this poem at FaithWriters, I just knew it had to be seen by more people. It is uncompromisingly direct and most definitely a prompt for all of us to check our attitudes.

Last of all, for a delightful trip back to childhood, there is a charming poem by Cassie Memmer in The Joy of Family. It's called Mama's Lipstick, and it is quite simply a sweet little treat to finish your reading this month.

And that's our July Issue all wrapped up. I hope it blesses you from start to finish. I know it always blesses me to prepare it for you.

So have a wonderful month, and until next time, happy reading and God bless!

Deb Porter
Editor, FaithWriters' Magazine