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Hearing God Speak You Are a Leader!
By Tonja Taylor

Did you know that you are already a leader?

You may not think so. You may not feel like a leader, although since you are wise, you know you cannot trust your feelings. But when you hear the word "leader," you may wonder what the word really means.

Being a leader means having an influence or impact on people. When you influence or impact someone, you cause him or her to think in a way that is different than they used to think. You can change the way people think by what you say, how you say it, and how you live according to God's Word.

If you are a writer who helps the world better understand God, you are in a prime position of leadership. After all, it is with words through the Holy Bible, that our LORD has saved souls and expanded minds and spirits to understand and live the wonderful Truths of the Word!

See, the greatest leaders are the best at changing the way people think so that they start thinking the right way; so that they start thinking in the ways that please God.

Often, when we think of leaders, we think of people that are responsible for directing, or leading, a huge number of people. Directing and leading involves making choices by saying and doing things that are going to help all those people that leaders are responsible for.

The greatest leaders make the best choices when they read God's Word and do what it says; when they live it.

Although our leaders who teach us the right ways to live may not tell us that they are teaching us ideas from the Bible, all right ways to live do come from God's Word. And that is what makes Him the very best leader of all time.

It is God that appoints leaders, or calls them and puts them in the positions they have. There have been many great leaders in our history, but Jesus is the best Leader of all, of course. He Who is wisdom wrote the Book on leadership--the Bible!

Even children can be leaders. "Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity." (1 Timothy 4:12.)

The Apostle Paul wrote this verse to his brother in Christ, a young preacher named Timothy. This verse means that, even though people may not think young people can be great leaders because they are not as old as them, those young leaders will be very wise when they read, memorize, and do God's Word.

So you are already a leader! You may not think anyone is watching, but they are. And the ways you act cause others to think certain things about you.

And when you follow God's Word, you act in ways that help other people understand more about Him and how much He loves them. That brings Him glory.

God doesn't care how old someone is. He will make anyone into a great leader when they read His Word, study it, and live it! He is wisdom, and He is faithful to teach everyone who reads His Word and does their best to live it.

Even the Apostle Paul and preacher Timothy, who were great leaders, were still people who made mistakes. All of us humans do. That is why God gave us the perfect Leader to follow--the Lord Jesus Christ. He is our pattern of the most excellent leadership.

When you read all about Him in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and the rest of the Bible (for the Lord Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, wrote all 66 books of the Bible, writing through different people, in different countries, at different times!) you will see how to be the very best leader of all.

To be the best Leader you can ever be, just read the Bible and do what Jesus says: "Follow Me."

(c) 2007 by Tonja Taylor
Tonja Taylor is a prolific author and has just released her first book, LEGACY: Crafting Your Child's Future With Words, which is available now from http://www.covenantgold.com. All proceeds (NO deductions) go to her church, Harvest International Ministries in Texarkana, AR. If you would like to contact Tonja, you can do so through her website or via the letters page of this magazine.