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MomsRelentless Love
By Kelli Young

The rain poured down in torrents, as David James, CEO of Enterprises, Inc., approached the double glass doors. He pushed open the door, and then, with his newspaper overhead, made a dash to the parking garage, hoping to avoid getting soaked.

As he neared his car, his eyes made contact with a homeless man crouched in a corner with a cardboard box over his head. Rain was pouring down the edges of the box and soaking through it, causing the man underneath to get wet anyway. David felt a wave of compassion move through his heart.

Later, as David prepared his evening meal, thoughts of the homeless man filled his mind. I wonder how he ended up this way. I can't imagine how horrible it would be to not have a place to go to get out of the rain.

He must be freezing right now. David tried to ignore the thought as he ate his meal, but it was no use.

"David, go downtown and find this man. I have a plan."

David had been walking with God long enough to recognize the Lord's voice.

"Lord, it's late, and the city is so large. How will I ever find him? Couldn't I do this tomorrow?"

The love of the Lord for this man was relentless. "Go tonight."

Although the last thing David wanted to do was go back to the city, he knew that was his assignment. "Your timing can be inconvenient. Why didn't You tell me this when I saw him the first time?"

"Did you feel compassion for him before you left?"

"I did."

"That was My call to you."

David, now silent, got into his Mercedes and drove the 20 miles back to town.

He no sooner parked his car, than he caught a glimpse of the man moving down the sidewalk. David gently approached the poor man, not sure of what he would say. God will lead me. I must trust him, he thought.

"Excuse me, sir. My name is David James."

The man glared suspiciously at him, pulling his belongings close.

"What do you want? Leave me alone. I have nothing you want," said the man, quite unnerved.

"I'm sorry," David apologized. "I didn't mean to frighten you. I would like to take you to get something to eat."

"I am kind of hungry. Are you sure?" the man asked.

"I'm sure. Would you like a bowl of warm soup and hot bread? I know a great café just down the street"

The man clutched his possessions and followed close.

I don't blame him for not trusting me, Lord. Please help me to love him as You love him.

"What's your name?" David asked.

"My name's Evan ... Evan Michaels."

David reached out to shake Evan's hand, saying, "Very nice to meet you, Evan."

"This is the best meal I've had in a long time," Evan said, relaxing a little.

"Tell me a little about yourself Evan," David invited.

"You mean, how did I get here? I used to be a normal person like you. I was an architect--even drove a Lexus. I had a wife and three kids."

David's eyes grew wide open as he listened.

"What? You think I was born this way?" Evan asked, before continuing with his story.

"I had an affair with a woman at my office. My wife found out and dumped me--no questions asked. I couldn't take that she didn't want me anymore and started drinking. First it was a little to console me, and then it became a habit until I would even pull out the bottle at work. It didn't take long before I couldn't do my job and lost it. It's hard to pay for an apartment if you can't hold a job. So now you know the rest of the story," Evan said with a chuckle. "I've been praying that if God would just give me another chance, I would make good of it."

"I believe He sent me to you this night in answer to your prayer," David said excitedly.

Evan looked at him with a softened expression. "What do you mean?" he asked.

David recounted the whole story, leaving Evan in awe that God had heard his prayers and loved him so much that He had sent this special man to him.

After David shared the good news of the gospel with him, Evan said, "Let's pray!"
Kelli Young resides in Gilbert, AZ, and has been married to Mike for 25 years. She has been a stay-at-home mom, raising six children. Now, with all but one of her children grown, Kelli is now able to pursue her new love of writing. She desires to write fiction stories that will impact people's hearts, building them up and strengthening them in the love, grace, and truth of God. You can write to Kelli through the Letters page of this magazine.