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Writer's Desire
By Yvonne Bleakly

The cursor blinks.
The blank, white page stares back at me.
Absolutely nothing.

My heart and mind

To be filled to overflowing
With truth,
With wisdom.

These are the days of want,
But I remember the days of abundance
When I had something to share.

Something worth writing about,
Singing about,
Shouting about.

Abundance that only God can provide,
Coming in waves of inspiration
To fill up the blank, white page.

I could tell stories,
How I could tell stories,
An abundance of stories.

Stories of hope,
Stories of love
Stories of grace.

Now, the cursor blinks
The blank, white page stares back at me

The Author of the work,
Never absent,
Speaks gently.

Where there were no words,
Where there was no inspiration,
Now, there is a gentle calm.

Slowly, carefully,
Letter by letter
The words begin to form

Out of the abundance of God's heart
My writing speaks.

Yvonne Bleakly was born in Nashville, Tennessee. A foundation for writing began with writing poetry and short stories in her high school years. She holds a Bachelor of Church Music, Master of Church Music and has just completed her studies at Lakeside School of Massage Therapy and is currently preparing for national and state licensure. Holy Fire Publishing publishes her book, "The Unmistakable Healing Presence of God." She writes for AllAboutGod.com. Other publishing venues include: Faithwriters.com, Cross-Times Magazine, Kindred Hearts Poetry Service, and The Compass, newsletter of Northwest Baptist Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If you would like to write to Yvonne, you can do so through the Letters page of this magazine.