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Title:Billy Goat Hill
Author: Mark Stanleigh Morris
Genre: Contemporary Fiction/Christian Fiction
Publisher Multnomah Fiction (April 1, 2005)
ISBN: 1590524063
Reviewer: Dian Moore

Childhood stays with us long after we’ve passed the age of innocence, and this tale of growing up too fast is a testament to the resilience of children and the power that making the right choices can bring to lives riddled with despair, fear, lies and uncertainty.

The story opens in 1958, and anyone who is 40-something years of age, will recognize the nostalgic antics we participated in as kids. But Billy Goat Hill isn’t just a story about childhood and coming-of-age. It’s a narrative about emotional and physical survival, the power and positive imprint a stranger can leave on a young life; and the rewards that a stubbornness to overcome can bring.

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Title: Circles of Seven, Book 3 of Dragons in Our Midst Chronicles
Author: Bryan Davis
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Publisher AMG Publishers
ISBN: 0899571722
Reviewer: Dian Moore

Dragons, computers and alternate worlds, oh my!

Though touted as a young-adult fantasy book, Circles of Seven is also intriguing, sophisticated fare for adults. Circles is third in a series (Book 4 due later this year) designed to inspire readers to seek out lives of virtue, faith and courage, while discovering and using their natural talents and strengths, regardless of circumstances.

Combining the modern world of technology with the fantastical world of dragons and a dollop of medieval influence, Circles weaves a tapestry of spellbinding storytelling.

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Title: The Jordan Tracks
Author: Steven W. Wise
Genre: Young Adult to Adult Fiction
Publisher Authorhouse, Paperback, 224 pages
ISBN: 1420813609
Reviewer: Violet Nesdoly

From the first sentence of The Jordan Tracks’ Prologue: "Clarence Bates plopped down heavily in his chair and looked past lazy eyelids across the supper table at the twelve-year-old son who would kill him within two minutes…" I knew that with author Steven Wise I was in the hands of a skilled storyteller.

This tale of Ernie and Christa Bates set in California, Missouri, takes place in 1968. It opens with Ernie and Christa eagerly awaiting the return of Aaron, their only and beloved son, from Vietnam.

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