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Wily Wolf Meets Sagacious Sheep
By Yvonne Bleakly
Down on the farm lived sweet, little Sagacious Sheep who was usually as wise and shrewd, for a sheep, as her name. Every day she spent her time going from clover to clover, from the cool bubbling brook to the lazy stream, eating and drinking and getting plumper and more satisfied by the minute. She paid no attention to anyone else and kept only half an eye on the dark woods surrounding her sheep pen.
In the dark woods surrounding the sheep pen lived smart, shrewd Wily Wolf. Every day he spent his time going from one end of the woods to the other looking for a way to enter the sheep pen where the plump Sagacious Sheep was feeding.
Wily Wolf knew that The Shepherd was the only one for whom Sagacious Sheep would open the sheep pen. He was able to gain entrance into it just by calling ever so gently. Sagacious Sheep heard his voice and gently nudged open the gate for The Shepherd to come in. Wily Wolf had tried to mimic The Shepherd’s voice dozens of times, but Sagacious Sheep knew the Shepherd. Wily could not fool her.
One day Wily had a new idea. If he made the woods seem like a place Sagacious Sheep might want to explore, then, maybe, she would leave the sheep pen and come just far enough into the woods for him to trap her. Finally he would have a tasty sheep for supper.
From the shadow of the woods, Sagacious Sheep heard the sound of a gentle bleating that sounded like, "Cooler water, fragrant clover, come and see, come and see." Even though Sagacious Sheep was wise enough to know that this could be a trap set for her by Wily Wolf, she had become bored with the water and clover The Shepherd had provided for her in the sheep pen. She thought maybe, just once, she would go and see if something better tasting was just on the edge of the woods. If she found something that was better tasting, she would grab a quick nibble and then run back to the pen, and, if not, then she would run back immediately to the pen with no harm done.
Sagacious Sheep put her nose up to the gate and nudged it open slightly. Only one gentle push more, and the gate was open. Putting one hoof in front of the other, she gingerly walked out of the pen, looking from side-to-side. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw an especially juicy-looking clover patch. She walked toward it, edging ever closer with each step. Wily Wolf was nowhere to be seen, or was he?
What Sagacious Sheep could not see was that Wily was hiding, with just his eyes showing, behind an oak tree just inches away from that juicy-looking clover patch. The closer Sagacious Sheep came, the more his mouth watered. Just one more step, and she was all his.
Sensing danger, The Shepherd walked over to the sheep pen just as Sagacious Sheep was about to munch on a mouthful of clover, and Wily was getting ready to pounce. He took the crook of His staff, and, gently, but firmly, put it around Sagacious Sheep’s round neck. He directed her back to the sheep pen where He made sure that she had the coolest water and the most fragrant clover she had ever tasted.

Copyright 2005 Yvonne Bleakly  
Yvonne Bleakly is a writer/poet, church musician and piano teacher. Her work has been published in Cross-Times Magazine and FaithWriters’ Magazine. She writes for AllAboutGod.com, and has a book of poetry in process entitled "The Unmistakable Healing Presence of God: Poems of Hope and Healing." She lives in Wisconsin with her husband of 27 years and two teenage children.

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